Gingerly Lizzy

D Day? or M Day?
2001-09-14 - 2:02 p.m.

Oh Boy,

Well, this is my first entry so I guess I should make it incredibly unique and interesting so that everyone who reads will be unable to leave their seats for fear their heart might stop...

But too bad.

I don't feel like it today.

I am in a bad mood. This week has been incredibly heartbreaking. After having spent this past year in NYC (I have only been back about 2 months), and becoming familiar and falling in love with the incredible city and its unbelievably strong, ambitious and culturally diverse population, I feel like I have lost a close personal friend. I have shed so many tears for those devastated families that my countenance now resembles that of a dried prune.

And yet, I am supposed to be married in exactly seven days. I no longer feel like I should be joyous or have the desire to experience the excrutiating happiness that I will feel within the next few weeks, when so many are suffering. I just can't seem to let go of it all. In a way, it seems wrong to turn off the t.v. and to stop thinking about it when others simply don't have that luxury. So where is the line drawn between selflessness and selfishness.

It is a line too fuzzy for me to cross and yet when I think about it,

it is the good times in life that keep all of us living and the memory of those good times keep the memory of those past alive.

Time for me to create my own memories. It is just easier said than done.

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