Gingerly Lizzy

Bridal Mosh Week
2001-09-18 - 9:28 a.m.

Last night I had my bridal shower. I guess it would be better termed a bridal sprinkle as I could hardly say I was showered with gifts, praise, love or the attendance of my closest friends. Oh sure, I am not a total loser, a few did show up (does my sister count?) but I mean geez... was last night ever a -I feel liked chopped liver- moment.

I felt like a kid when no one shows up to his own birthday party.

This is the one problem with Utah. Just because there is 50 billion (and I am not even a tad sarcastic here) marriages a week, yours tends to just become one of many and one of many means "less important". The excuses that were made? Well, to begin with there weren't very many. Hardly anyone even bothered to call...

One had to work, one had to go home and snuggle up to her new husband- OH GIMME A BREAK THAT IS NO EXCUSE! I mean, she is going to basically spend forever with him, like an hour would have destroyed their ever tender love for each other- blechg. I guess it doesn't matter that I WAS THE ONE WHO SET THEM UP IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Okay, anyway, now that I have that off my back... it was actually pretty fun.

Especially trying to picture David in that leopard print thong. Well, you would probably have laughed till your juice came out your nose too if you pictured your love one wearing not much besides a shoelace up his butt...

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