Gingerly Lizzy

Take me to the Church and get it over with QUICK!
2001-09-20 - 4:30 p.m.


Okay so in two days is my wedding. Every single soul I have encountered is asking me if I am nervous. I am not. Not yet at least. I am however super stressed and had a mini nervous breakdown last night. I hate being a female sometimes. I swear my hormones were wacked out and screaming " QUICK, FORM AN ATTACK ON THE TEAR DUCTS AND NERVE ENDINGS AND LETS MAKE LIZ FEEL LIKE SHE IS IN A BLENDER OF EMOTION!!!" okay that was stupid but oh well, that is what it felt like.

I just wish it was all over with. The good thing is that pretty soon I will be having sex and lots of it. Despite the fact that I am 22 I am also very religious and so yes, this will be my first time. 22 years is a loooonnnnggg time. I am not going into detail but I am really looking forward to the honeymoon.

I got some pretty crazy lingerie from friends. One looks like it should be used to catch large amounts of fish. No wait, small amounts, the pieve of black lace is like 10 cm. I thought it was a schrunchie when I first opened the box.

I guess I am going to have to work on my confidence levels because despite how many times Dave tells me I am dang sexy, I still think that I would rather wear that thing as a schrunchie. Or else it is going to be lights out, "Dave close your eyes", run for my life and dive under the covers before a ray of moonlight catches me in that dental floss of a... well what the heck is it?

It will still be fun.

Wish is was today!!!

ROWRRR- (that is like a kitty--ish growly sound.)

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