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It is a love hate thing.
2001-10-02 - 1:49 p.m.


Presto Chango!

I now fall under the heading of Mrs.

I am 22 years old.

Now I can never be Miss America.

Oh Well,

Thats the sacrifice I have to make.

I can't believe it is all over in a mere flash of tulle, flash photography and pastry.

I am married. I have been married for exactly 10 days.

Do I love it? Well, I am still pondering that. I will let you know in a year or so. I think that my feelings on the subject are definately favorable though...

I definately love him. He just drives me nuts sometimes.

We got in a fight last night. It was over the most retarded thing too. We went to the bank to open a joint account and he was filling out the form a little too slowly for my impatient tastes so I took over...

Maybe I have been doing a lot of that lately but it sparked a a fight. That and the fact that I want to control the finances (I am just better at it and don't feel like living off of Ramen Noodles for the next year- don't get me wrong I love Ramen, but EVERY night?).

Oooh it was bad.

We yelled... not really loudly mind you. After all, we don't want out neighbours to think that we are less than perfect.

But I am just one of those people who would rather run away and sulk that sit there and argue back and forth for an hour and not get anywhere. So I did just that. I went into the bedroom and crawled under the covers and just... laid.

He hates when I do that. He would rather argue it out until one of us has an anurism (I know that has got to be spelled wrong but sue me, I have never actually had one.) than walk away angry.

So he followed me. You know, deep down inside I think that I actually want him to follow me. I used to hate it when I lived at home and I got in a fight with my parents and stormed upstairs and they didn't come running after me to beg me for my forgiveness at their barbarious treatment of me... I can't help it. I think deep down inside I am everything I loath... a princess.

Anyway, so he came in and darnit, he had to look so cute, at that moment i just loved him to bits even though hostile words were pouring forth from my mouth and the word divorce was being thrown around... (oh that is just so juvenile is it funny! We are in for a long one.

The thing is, making up almost made all of it worth it. We are so passionate about each other that it carries into our arguments but making up is always ten times better.

And it was the slow, loving kind that really says "sure you bug me a ton every once in a while, but there is no where I would rather be than in your arms right now."

Marriage IS bliss...

This entry IS cheezzzzy!

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