Gingerly Lizzy

The Thumb Thing...
2001-10-03 - 11:10 a.m.

I once dated a guy named Aaron. He was pretty cute, smart, funny and fun to be with.

Things were going pretty well, he really liked me, I liked him back until... da da da dummmmm...

I noticed his thumbs.

We were at a comedy show and I was in mid laughter at the thought that some guys with "dope and a rope" invented a series of sports like the rodeo, waterskiing etc. when I feel his hand upon my knee and I glance down and

the laughter ends.

Ewwww... he has total BARNEY RUBBLE THUMBS. I am not in the least joking. I am presently looking down at a thumb that closely resembles literally a spoon. Only a shorter and squater,with a totally rectangular thumbnail that is chipped and yellowish.

It was totally gross.

For some reason, I couldn't get past those thumbs. Every touch would bring me to cringe and finally I couldn't take it anymore and stopped returning his phone calls. I guess that is when I found out that I am very detailed oriented and hands are important.

When you think about it, they should be.

Once a major relationship is formed those hands are going to be affecting many different aspects of your life so the less creepier the better.

D* has good thumbs, a little hairy, but nice.

Thumbs UP!

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