Gingerly Lizzy

Is that a salad Tong? Are we eating here?
2001-10-04 - 2:39 p.m.

Well, well, well.

Today was definately not one of the most fun days of my life that is for sure...

It started with me being late to work, beat my boss though so I guess that really doesn't matter.

Then came my papsmear. Well, I am definately not going into detail about that one but let me just say I have never done anything more humiliating in my life. I think I would much rather take a big bite out of a pile of horse poop with my nose unplugged, rather than lay there looking up at the ceiling while some young doctor gets all too personal with all too cold instruments.

Not to mention they drew my blood, or at least TRIED TO ---FOUR TIMES.

I don't usually get so squeamish but someone digging around in your arm with a freaking needle for a half hour, looking for your veins but finding more nerve endings...

that made me go pale.

I had to lay down,

and after the last ten minutes I wasn't too thrilled about staring at the ceiling for another 5 minutes. That ceiling and I are NOT friends. In fact I NEVER want to see that ceiling again. We are officially not seeing each other anymore.

Here is the question of the day though... is it better to have a old, smelly, chubby, hairy man as your gyno or a young good looking one...(mine happens to be the latter)

hmmmm... wouldn't mind hearing thoughts on that one...

This day just better get better before it gets worse or I will pay you to shoot me in the head. You just better have good aim,

the last thing I need is a hole in my foot.


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