Gingerly Lizzy

Leotards and Dave? Not a good COMBO!
2001-10-10 - 9:18 a.m.


Okay, sorry, just had to get that out... we had a rematch last night. I KICKED DAVES TRASH!!! and OOOOHHHH did it ever feel SO RIGHT!

On to topic #2.

I love BORDERS. No, not those annoying customs lines that divide one country from another... ( I actually loath those...) I love the bookstore. Only if they have a music section though.

I also have an addiction to CD's. I can't stop buying more and there is no patch for it so oh well... I will suffer through it. I keep trying to explain to David that it is not the CD itself but the actual music that comes from it... you can never have too much of that right?

Anyway, Dave and I paid a visit to the beloved haven of everything wonderful (Borders) and this time I actually had in my hot little hand, a gift certificate that was given to me by some highly intelligent relative (on my side of course!)for our wedding. They must have had enough intuition to know that David had basically put a major limit on my CD intakes. Try like none. BLESS THEM!

The reason I love this music section at Borders so much is because it is one place in the midst of an abercrombie dominate state where Britney Spears is considered a comodity, that actually contains a semblance of ... GASP... CULTURE!!!

They even have Cocteau Twins! Or the German Wolfsheim CD that I was only able to find at VIRGIN megastore on BROADWAY last year. It brought a tear to my eye. Not only can you find many of the obscure but they actually display them for your listening pleasure. I could spend all day there... all week...

I walked out with two CD's neither of which were very obscure I was sorry to say... no Hooverphonic for me. But after all... Dave let ME spend the whole thing (bless his heart) and so I have to compromise and get something that won't cause him to jam his finger so far into his ear that he bursts a drum, after all, he won't hear my nagging then!


Topic #3

Taking a little bit of the "Culture" topic, I think I am bringing more of it into Davids life.

We went to the ballet on our honeymoon. Those of you who are familiar with me know that my life long dream was to be a ballerina- principle dancer, soloist. I danced my way through highschool, ignoring the fact that I wasn't 90 lbs at 5'8" but rather 130 at 5'8" and when I actually met and hung out with the some of the members of Canadian National, that dream came to an abrupt end. These girls were the size of my... wrist... for crying out loud... I cried.

Anyway, if I can't join em, I will settle for watching em.

And I try to as often as possible. La Sylphide is one of my favorites so when I saw that they were coming to the Chrysler, I jumped and got tickets RIGHT AWAY...

When I hung up the phone, I realized what I had done. Would Dave EVER consent to this? I could use the "but it is our honeymoon, we HAVE to go together".

I KNOW how squeamish his is about men in tights. VERY. In fact, if you ever wanted to intimidate him, be male and put on a very tight (preferably white of grey), thin, and extremely snug leotard. You will see his manly 6"1' broad shouldered self turn around and RUN LIKE THE WIND.

Despite his leophobia?, he went.

I think I watched him more than the ballet. La Sylphide was a great one to break him in slowly with because it is set in Scotland. The men wear kilts and not tights, but dancers wear something underneath so it was ALL good. Men in skirts according to Dave is better than men in tights (not the movie).

I think he maybe even liked it... a little...

He said it was OKAY.

Hallelujia, the Nutcracker is next. That one will be easy as long as I can get him past the name...