Gingerly Lizzy

2001-10-11 - 12:18 p.m.


I am addicted to that show. And I hope Felicity gets back together with Noel. He is wayyyy better for her than Ben.

Todays topic:

Sleeping with my husband.

Not like THAT! My what a dirty mind you have!

Dave LOVES to snuggle. So much so, that on our queen size mattress, on any given time of night, you will find both of us huddled on one side (my side) with his side of the bed spacious and free.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE his cute little snuggly self at night but I also love my sleep. And being the light sleeper that I am, and he, being the heavy breather that he is, do not make a good combination for actual REM.

At least not for me.

So a few times a night, I gently nudge him over to his side of the bed. But of course, five minutes later, I will feel his warm body sidle up to mine, in his sleep and a heavy arm will be thrown carelessly around my waist.

When I am tired, I don't appreciate this as much... but I know the day will come, hopefully far, far from now, when I will long for that...

So I think I will just snuggle in closer for now.

It's worth all the good nights sleep in the world.

**tired but happy***


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