Gingerly Lizzy

ITS FRIDAY! Laughter and Kitties
2001-10-12 - 12:14 p.m.

Man I am on the ball today. Into the office, invoices flying left and right, reports updated, clients contacted, my desk is now neat and orderly, I have done my part... now I am bored, and because I am on the ball today (a rare occurance in my opinion), it really sucks!

TGIF!!! I am soooo ready for the weekend. I am sooo looking forward to tomorrow morning when I wake up and can just lie there and snuggle with Dave, lavishing in the fact that I don't HAVE to get up if I don't WANT to. Yummy!

So, what do I want to write about today...hmmm... as my TWO regular readers have probably established, I am not one for typical diary entries. Random topics are much more fun...

There is a little black and white cat that has chosen the outside of our building, under the stairs, as her place of residence. She is such a cutie, even when she has disgusting pieces of gak tangled up in her fur. (I made up that word, gak, because I don't KNOW what it is, that just sounds right...)

She likes to jump up on the kitchen windowsill and MEOW really loudly into my kitchen while I am cooking... so I have taken to feeding her. And I named her MEOW. It just suits.

The neighbours probably think I am an idiot when I am standing in my doorway at night calling her to eat...

"Meow, Meow dinner bibi (I can't help the baby talk with Kitties...) come and get it Meow"

They probably think I am having an identity crisis.

So last night Dave and I got some kitty food while we were grocery shopping. I picked out a brand that had seafood in it because once I gave MEOW tuna and she polished that off in like 2 SECONDS, so I knew she would appreciate that.

Dave, who thought it was funny that I was buying this stray cat food in the first place, picked a more popular brand off the shelf and asked me why I didn't get that instead. I pointed out that the kind he had picked up didn't even list the flavor. I mean come on, would you want to eat something out of a box with an anonymous flavor? Didn't think so.

I then also proceeded to point out that the one I had chosen had the complete nutrition requirements for a cat (the box said so!)

This sent Dave into a fit of loud, uncontrolable laughter. He thought it was hilarious that I was worried about nutrition for a STRAY cat that lived and slept on the cement and frequently got into fights with bigger cats and often lost.

Well someone has to.

The thing about Dave is... okay there is a lot of things about Dave... but this one particular thing is his laugh.

He has one of those majorly contagious laughs, that sounds like a little boy about to pee his pants. It is fun, but really sucks for me. The reason for this is, whenever I get mad at him, it is usually over something kind of dumb (I am hopelessly female), and so his first reaction is to laugh.

It makes me so mad, but because his laugh is so funny, I ALWAYS start to laugh. I try to hold it back, Damnit I am MAD, but my attempt usually turns into something along the lines of me laughing with furrowed brows, which just makes him laugh twice as hard...

It sucks.

I hate laughing when I am mad. It takes the drama right out of the moment. Put that on my list.

I am going to put a pic up of Dave and I at the reception sometime soon... that should be fun!

TATA FOLKS!!! Have a great weekend! Get some kisses, give a helping hand and get some rest!

Talk to Yah on Monday!!!


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