Gingerly Lizzy

Picture of Liz and Dave... YEAH!!!
2001-10-15 - 7:55 a.m.

Ta Da!

So here is me and the love of my life on the big day... It seems like so long ago, I can't believe it was only 3 weeks ago! It is Monday. I HATE Monday's. I don't even really like Sunday's because you are always aware that the next day is MONDAY. Saturday's too, cause you know that the next day is SUNDAY and then MONDAY, so pretty much the whole weekend is just one long period of DREADING MONDAY. Don't expect anything profound today... Or any other day that starts with an M. This weekend went by much, much too fast. The big event was... I got a haircut on Saturday. I don't know what it is about getting a haircut that is so therapeutic. I think with every major breakup in my life was followed tout suite with a major hairchange. When I broke up with Ryan, (( honestly didn't mean to make him cry... sorry Ry), it went from midback length to chin length. When Camron STOMPED on my heart with his golf spikes, I went from long and blonde to chin length red head. Good thing my hair grows pretty quickly. Dave and I got in a fight on Saturday. It was his fault, not a huge one but enough to make me get four inches cut off and so now I have a cute little bob that flips at the ends. I LOVE IT! Dave better be nice to me for the next month or I can see myself grabbing a bic. It is like "hair go bye-bye, problem go bye-bye". If only life were REALLY that simple. There is NOTHING better than a big ole' juicy whopper from BK when you are starved... ooooh lunch better get here soon or my stomach will be having ME! Dizzy-Monday-Lizzy