Gingerly Lizzy

Faster than the speed of light... In underwear!
2001-10-17 - 8:59 a.m.

Last night Dave and I went and saw planet of the apes at the dollar theater... kind of freaky movie isn't it! I thought it was pretty entertaining, for the most part. I just wish I knew how exactly the apes came to be living on earth in the end... anyone know the answer to this question?

Okay, so my husband doesn't want me to be a superhero. The other night I heard something in the apartment... it sounded like two guys talking under hushed voices possibly trying to break in... (wouldn't get much but to each his own!)

This scared the CRAP out of me and so I went to investigate, accidentally waking up David in the process who proceeded to freak out over why I was cautiously creeping out of the bedroom.

Turns out there was nothing there but when I got back, Dave was still freaking... so I assured him that I had heard something, it was nothing, probably something outside.

Boy did I get a bit of a lecture. David apparently thinks the right thing to do would have been to wake him up and have HIM go check out the situation... In his own words... "I could never forgive myself if someone jumped you... Why'd you just walk out there without telling me, you going to take on the bad guys yourself in your underwear, superwoman?"

heh heh.

Gimme a break, I mean it is sweet for him to worry and he is pretty muscular but hey, TWO guys could have taken him down in an instant...

and it isn't like our apartment is very big (try about as big as three cardboard refridgerator boxes attached) there is NO where I could have hid, they would have just gotten me next. At least maybe if I got attacked first, that would give him time to assess the situation, maybe he would have a chance.

Anyway, in the end he made me promise to wake him up first.

I personally think I would rather go down fighting first than watch him go down and know what was coming to me later on.

HEY, WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT! NOTHING HAPPENED! Sorry for these unnecessary ramblings.

But Robbers would be pretty dumb to break into our apartment... they could really make a killing and get ahead in life after trading in those extra toasters... geesh.


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