Gingerly Lizzy

A Bunch of poop.
2001-10-19 - 2:34 p.m.

Friday once again!

I can't believe how fast the week just flies by... STOP THE INSANITY!

What am I going to do this weekend... well... Dave has tickets to go see the BYU/NAVY game. Och. This means I have to go to and sit through four hours of boring football!!! Yuck.

I should have never made him that promise. I promised him that for every ballet that I dragged him to, I would *gulp*, watch a football game with him.

Maybe I will just be too busy with laundry.

Well, today is a cut and paste day. No witty remarks from the Lizster today... I am just not feeling like me. Work has been slow, I am tired and last night David elbowed me TWICE in the head while he was sleeping (or maybe he was pretending... hmmmm) and it hurt.

AND I ate wayyy too much for lunch. What can I say. I love Halibut. I used to hate all fish because it was sooo stinky and I didn't understand how anyone could put something into their mouths that smelled like an old sock. But hey, then I gave it a shot one day when I was feeling particularly open minded and now I am addicted. As long as it doesn't taste too fishy though... and isn't pink... I can deal.

Oh but I got new boots this week. Steve Madden, black leather, mid calf boots and they are S L I C K. Even Dave thinks so.

Oh, that reminds me. Don't EVER go shopping with a guy who has taste. Trust me on this one. David hates everything that is remotely colorful, has a pattern or can be labelled as "diffrent". That is pretty much everything out there. The thing is, I will pick something up and he will say... "You are not getting THAT..." (grrr... marital rights) "It is hideously ugly".

The thing is that he would probably label half of my wardrobe as hideous but once something is ON, he loves it. Moral of the story is...

Suprise him! Okay...maybe I would have to in order to shop anyway but it is a great excuse!



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