Gingerly Lizzy

2001-10-30 - 4:08 p.m.


They are all boring you say?

Well boo!

Last night Dave and I carved a scary pumpkin... it has pointy ears. There is just something so fun about scooping out slimy pumpkin guts with your bare hands!

I have determined that carving pumpkins are high up on the list of stress relievers. How often you you get to stick sharp knives in things and carve away, and gouge, and scoop and stick your hands in cool, soft, slime... fun.

We also paid a visit to the craft store. I looovvveee the craft store... my creative juices get to run wild.

That is why I was kind of disappointed when I walked in and it was a store of little already made crafts. People had probably paid a hefty sum of money to have a craft booth in that store. It turned out to be okay though, because all the halloween stuff was 50% off. Now our apartment will look festive.

Deep down inside, I think Dave might really be starting to appreciate craft stores...

Deep, deep, inside.

Last night he suggested that we go their first... he said it is because he likes it when I find cute things for the house. Mind you I am not a crafty person or one to adorn the house with knicknacks... but sometimes you find some COOl stuff. Like the other day I found this circular thing made out of twigs to hand on the wall. It is cool.

Anyway, back to Dave. He pretends to hate going but last night that comment gave it away...

I know what he likes... it is the smell.

Do you ever notice how craft stores smell really, really good? Someone should really think about marketing that scent. Au de Crafts. It could work.

maybe not.

We also picked our wedding pictures up... they are sooo good. She took a ton of black and white candid shots which I LOVE. Now we just have to choose 40 of the best from 50,000 adorbable ones. Those things cost an arm and a leg.


There should be a law against that. I mean they are pictures of YOUR OWN FACE.

I especially like the ones where Dave is trying to kiss me and I am ducking back... that tells it like it is!

Just kidding hon!

No one left any Halloween ideas in my guestbook.... humph. Maybe I will go as a sock... that could work.

Too bad they don't make that as a perfume. That would have really helped with my costume.


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