Gingerly Lizzy

Where is the Grey Poupon Dahling?
2001-11-16 - 4:24 p.m.


Well, I guess our server might have the CODE RED virus, or at least that is how it is looking right now.

I hope not because that will be one hard thing to fix!

I feel like junk. Seriously. I have one terrible cold and have been pretty nauseous. David is doing an excellent job at taking care of me though. He single handedly straightened the whole house, picked up a pizza (otherwise we would have been eating corn dogs... again) and a DVD so I could get some rest after work.

Awwww, he is just tot dang cute!

We watched Final Fantasy. It is amazing what they can do with computer graphics these days. Too bad the plot was shotty though.

I did something goofy the other day..,

David was bent over picking something up off the floor and I told him that it looked like he had two bums. It was totally the way the light was falling over his back into the dark room. He is NOT in the least bit fat. Not even stocky. He has a total swimmers body and better, for the two hours after work he spends at the gym, away from me, every day.

So now he thinks he is fat. This concept is just ridiculous. I mean even a PRO ANA psycho would have looked like she had a double bum in this setting.

So now, nothing will convince him that he didn't put on a little weight since we have been married. And seriously, he hasn't.

I love his body. And I know for the most part he does too. How could he not though. I know this because I catch him flexing in the mirror all the time.

I called him a preener yesterday.

Next thing you know he won't be looking in the mirror anymore and his hair will look like death.

I need to learn to keep these needless little comments to myself.

My mom sent Dave a box of candy for his birthday. Tons of chocolate bars that you can only get in Canada or that little enlish store in Greenwich village in Manhattan. Coffee crisp, crunchie bars, caramilk, wunderbars, and my favorite... peek freans fruit Cream cookies.... mmm, I am going to get so fat... Dave is a good sharer.

Dave was sitting there trying to pronounce all the french names on the wrappers... ooh that was funny. My cranberry juice almost came out my nose. He is so obviously from Utah. Gotta love him... the little westerner.

It is like whenever we are talking about something remotely posh, he has to follow it by putting his teeth together and saying through them: "Caviar" or "Poupon".

Like those words are the only two in the whole language that have anything to do with wealth, riches and status.

This cracks me up because it has to be the dorkiest thing he does.

Once when we were dating, I thought of an interesting question ( I always think of these totally random questions but they are so fun!)

It was: What is the one thing that I do that you think is totally dorky?

His answer: When you pulse your shoulders while listening to some hip hop song in the car with that dumb "starsearch" look on your face.

HEY! I thought I looked COOL when I did that... dang.

My Answer: When you say caviar and grey poupon after every conversation that has to do with wealth and power... oh and when you are joking around and you mock headbang. It looks like it HURTS. (had to get him back)

Lets just say that I DON'T do the shoulder pulse anymore... but I still hear the words caviar and poupon at least once a week.

hmmmm... aint love grand. It has to be to be able to still kiss each other with passion every night after things like that.

Or when he is naked and does the dance... but that, I am NOT GOING INTO...

lets just say it has a tendency to make juice come out my nose too!


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