Gingerly Lizzy

If Only Victoria's Secret Sold Ornaments!
2001-11-20 - 4:42 p.m.

Dave and I went Christmas ornament shopping last night. If there is one thing I LOVE, it is Christmas. I love EVERYTHING about it.

Seriously, I get so excited that I could throw up. Literally.

When I was a kid, I could never ever get more than an hours sleep on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, without fail, I would be sick to my stomach with the excitement.

Even when I knew that Santa wasn't real.

If you hadn't found out yet... what a pathetic little exsistence you must lead. Ouch, that was mean of me wasn't it!

I have always gone to the utmost last straw in decorating. One year I was such a poor college student I made ornaments for our pathetic little tree out of sparkly pipe cleaners.

Hey, I never claimed to have Martha Stewart crafting abilities.

The attempted Christmas tree ornament turned out to look like some sort of deformed bear. Everyone would say,

"Hey, what's with the green bear? And what is that yellow thing coming out of his eye?"

"THAT", I would reply, "is a tree and the yellow thing is a STAR"

"Oh" they would say...

"I thought it was puss."

Merry Christmas to you too buddy!

Anyways, before I got off on this little tangent, I was going to talk about the lack of excitement Dave had for this whole "Bringing in the Christmas Spirit" Adventure.

We went to Target. I LOOOOVVVVEEEE target. SO much that it causes me to use caps and repeated letters in the same word.

I mean, that place is like WAL MART but has COOL stuff.

and the selection of Christmas decor, made me almost pee my pants a lot.

Okay, yes I am fond of that expression but good thing I have a strong bladder or Depends makers would be millionaires.

Back on topic (It's the ADD)

I thought it would be fun to start a family tradition. Something that we can carry on when our kids come along. And that is that every year, we will all go and each pick out a new ornament for the tree. Since Dave and I only have like two, it would be more like picking out 20 this year.

Fun idea eh? That's what i thought...

But Dave was about as excited as he was when I told him we got tickets to the Nutcracker.

Yeah, not much emotion shown whatsoever.

And they had so many cute choices at Target. Even little santa bears in basketball jerseys mid-layout.

So while I scoped out the heavenly ilse of garland and anticipated David's choice with my hands full of sparkly snowflakes and a piggy dressed in a tutu, Dave lopes around the corner empty handed.

"Let me guess, there were too many you liked and you need me to help you decide?"

"No. Just didn't see anything."

WHHHHAAAATTTT? There was millions, okay maybe a hundred, of precious ornaments lining three whole isles and yet he couldn't find one that even mildy appealed????

This Christmas should be a barrel of fun. A hoot. Excuse my sarcasm.

He saw my dissapointment and chose some silver balls. Generic. Boring. They were a nice shade but still.


Maybe he will perk up some more when he see's me in the tight red santa suite I got from the Victoria Secret Catalogue.

Yeah right. Santa would be embarrased.

I'm still excited anyway... neener, neener, neeeeeeener!


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