Gingerly Lizzy

2001-11-27 - 12:10 p.m.

My sister told me that every day my entries are about Dave. Looking back I realize that this is true. I can't help it, I get to be married to the most wonderful man in the universe.

Stop sticking your finger down your throat K*.

Anyway, I decided that today I would write about... da, da, da, dummmmm...

My sister. K*. Oh yeah, she is shaking in her boots now!

K* is barely a year younger than me. This meant that we were the best of friends when we were little and hated each other as teenagers.

We played together for awhile. We would play... well just guess. It is totally weird for two little kids to play this... no, not doctor, or house. We would play... REAL ESTATE AGENT!

I know you have to be laughing. My grandma was one and we thought she was the epitamy of high class so we pretended to be big into the selling houses thing. Those were the best times! We would set up a whole office in the basement and little areas would be the properties that we would show. Those were some of the best times.

There was also a time that we went over to one of my friends houses for a birthday sleepover.

This friend was one of the ones that I had a love/ hate relationship with. I guess she was forced by her mother to invite K* too because she was my little sister. Well K* had a little bladder problem and sometimes she would wet the bed. My mother forced her to bring a plastic sheet with her to put under her sleeping bag.

That was too much for this snotty handful of girls that I soon began to despise. They began to torment my sister about it and call her a baby. She started to cry and I could take it no longer. I began to defend K* and got into a big fight with the birthday girl. This just caused everyone to start on both of us so I did the unthinkable, I went and "told" on her.

She got sent to her room for the rest of the night. HER OWN BIRTHDAY SLEEPOVER. The rest of the girls hated me after that but I don't care. No one was going to make my sister cry.

Soon after, K* and I began to grow up a little and develop different interests. I was really into girly things like dress-up, baby and Barbie dolls. K* on the other hand like math oriented things and computers, sports and always wanted to be outside. I loved to spend hours playing by myself in the basement.

I would have much rather have played with katie but she never wanted to play what I was playing and vice versa. Soon we had tow seperate sets of friends, went to two different schools and in highschool, we clashed and fighting was a daily activity for us. She was prettier than I, with light, soft, chestnut colored hair, perfect skin and the most beautiful green eyes. I was jealous of her. Plus, I was a spazz and she always managed to stay pretty cool... that always infuriated me more.

I thought being the oldest would mean I would get to experience things first. Yeah right.

She got boobs before me. And they are much bigger. And when I got my period first, I was so excited! Until she got hers the next day. She even had a drivers liscense before I did. What happened to the little sister admiring her older, and following in the footsteps stuff? If no one looked up to you, then being the oldest just sucked.

She took my stuff, I took hers, we even got in a couple good throw down fights.

It was brutal.

But then I moved to Utah, we were friends since I wasn't living at home. And we were both growing up.

When I moved out to CT to work as a nanny, I convinced K* to come out and work for a few months which she did. Since I was her only family out there and this was pretty much her first time living away from home, we bonded majorly. Shared secrets, would take the kids on outings together.

It was great to have her around. And she became my best friend.

She comforted me the day before my wedding when I had a nervous breakdown and wouldn't come out of the bathroom.

I love her so much and miss the days of being able to hang out. Dave and I are always trying to convince her to move out here...

There is something so special and unique about the relationship between sisters. Especially if you are close in age. They are your best friend, have seen it all in your life and yet the same blood runs through your veins and sometimes you might even get mistaken for twins (Like K* and me).

I will never let anything come between us. Sure I am sure there are still little fights to come and things won't always be peaches in cream, but just knowing that she is mine... well, I couldn't ask for more.

I love you K.

Dizzy-Sis Lovin- Lizzy

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