Gingerly Lizzy

Jackfrost nipping at my nerves!
2001-12-03 - 2:32 p.m.

What a weekend!

Friday night Dave and I headed to our little party. It was pretty fun but I found it hilarious how competitive new couples can be with each other!

Seriously, It is like a huge race to see who is better looking, more ahead in school/ work, makes more money, has the nicer car, has the most passion/ love for each other... and unlike the highschool competition, each "team" is made up of two. Heaven forbid you are more fun at the party than that other couple... hairy eyeballs galore!

Other than that it was a fun night. Especially playing battle of the sexes. I found it funny how one guy who I had just met made the comment before a certain question that I wouldn't know the answer because I was a "girly girl". What the heck! Just because I choose not to wear sweats, and actually do my hair and wear a little makeup I am a girly girl? Is it the pink nails? Goll... Gimme a break. I like to look nice, it makes me feel good and I am more friendly. When I look my best I feel my best. Sure beats the girl in sweats who chooses to hide out in the corner and judge everyone all night!

Okay there is a gripe coming up here.... Message to those who don't care about what they look like and like to look down their noses at those who do...

You are doing exactly what you are always ranting about.

Just because I choose to make the most out of what I was given doesn't mean that I am:

a: shallow

b: an airhead

c: snobby

d: too good to talk to you

Anyway, this topic gets me too heated so I am going to move on... anyone who wants to comment on this... feel free.


Oh boy, Dave and I embarked on a journey to find the perfect tree. After carousing the city, looking at miserable, scrawny trees we finally found it. It was $60. $60!!!!

For something that is going to litter needles all over your floor and die in a couple weeks.

Ugggg. But I was sick of looking so I gave in. Dave and I tied it to the top of the jeep and hauled it home and up the stairs.

Have you ever gotten evergreen sap on your hands? That stuff is worse than super glue. Seriously. It took me five minutes to pry my fingers off the doorknob.

So we get the tree in the apartment. Our apartment is so small and this tree was a seven footer and very full. It took up half the room. We had to rearange everything to get it into the corner. We had one of those old stands with the peg in the middle.

Well, the dumb peg was too fat for the hole in the tree. Dave found this out after almost giving himself a hernia trying to hammer the BASE into the TREE. So, we trekked to the super K-Mart to find a stand.

After finding more Christmas stuff that I didn't need, Dave came to me with a stand asking my opinion.

Dave:"Hon, don't you think this one is too small?"

Me: Why don't you take it out of the box and lets have a look... (after inspecting it) looks fine to me!"

Dave:"I don't know... I think it is too small..."

Me:"No, I think it is fine. Lets just get it"

Dave:"Okay but I am not coming back here and returning it if it isn't."

Me:"Trust me, I am a good judge of these kinds of things... it will fit"

Dave (doubtfully) : "Okay..."

Dang it. It was too small. UGGGG! So, back to K-mart I went, to stand in line for a half hour and then again to purchase a doubly expensice tree stand.

Finally I got home. Dave was on the couch exhausted from trying to get the other stand off the tree (we had been able to hammer it halfway on... thus creating double to work)

We took it out of the box, read the directions and tried to get the screws in the dumb thing... TRIED is the key word.

Why can't they just spend the extra $0.0001 it would take to already drill the grooves in the dumb thing. Daves poor hand was killing him. I now understand much more why women love to get married... it is so much nicer to have a man to do those kinds of things. I would have given up in cried after the first half a minute. Finally after two hours, the tree was up...

And crooked as Hitler.

Oh boy, this was bad. Dave was down there, under the tree, pine needles picking in his nostrils while he tightened away asking me "So how does it look hon?"

I could barely tell him. When he stood up I could tell that HE wanted to cry. At least it wasn't falling over.

Me: Good job honey, now we just need to prop a phone book under there and it will be perfect.

Dave: "I hate doing things half *ssed!"

I was too darn frustrated with the whole thing by now so I scolded him for cussing and then told him too bad and we did. It looks great, and you cant see the phone book!

But I swear next year we are getting a fake tree.

We decorated it, during which I cried a little because my dad and I always used to do this together and I won't be helping him with that anymore. Dave held me for awhile and it was okay. I still get to spend Christmas with a wonderful man.

It is beautiful, worth the trouble, and a memory that Dave and I can laugh at when we are old and grey and he has hair growing out of his ears.

He went to his parents and watched the football game (I HATE football... maybe I am a BIT of a girly girl) I rented White Christmas (THE OLD MOVIE w/ Bing Crosby) and snuggled down on the couch to enjoy one of my favorite old movies.

Eventually Dave came home, laughed at me for watching that and then we turned it... the rest is private but oh what a grand weekend it was!

Dizzy-Christmas Lovin- Lizzy