Gingerly Lizzy

2001-12-05 - 4:24 p.m.

Thought I would do two today and one of these...that I stole... that I never do.

Top Five CD's That People Should Give A Listen

1) Clarity- Jimmy Eat World

2) Broken Down Palace Sountrack

3) The New David Grey CD (My mind is drawing a blank as to the name of it...


5) And for the Season, nothing beats Harry Conick Jr.

Top Five Things That People Say To You That Annoy You

1) "So when are you having my granbabies?"

2) "Is something wrong? You look like you are upset." People ask me this all the time... when I am perfectly okay, must be my natural appearance. Great.

3) "Just because I like to have sex with random guys doesn't mean I am a hooch!" (RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT)

4) "To be paid by..."

5) Don't pick your zits.

Top Five Things That Turn You On About Guys ( I am going to change this to DAVE)

1) The high pitched, girly way in which he laughs when I tickle between his shoulder and neck.

2) When he just gets a hair cut... sooo cute

3) Those short sleeved plaid shirts he NEVER wears!

4) Dave when he dances- such a rare occurance but his is soooo good!

5) When he snuggles up to me in the middle of the night... when he makes my lunch for me... scratches my back... sorry, couldn't end at five.

Top Five Movies You Watch All The Time

1) Breakfast at Tiffany's! My FAVE!

2) Pretty Woman- have you ever watched it three times in a row? Jan and I did..

3) The Family Man- Something about this movie just puts me in a great mood.

4) Legally Blonde- When I am feeling girly

5) Life is Beautiful- Makes me ball and laugh out loud every time.

Top Five Things People Should Know About You

1) I am married, so don't ask for my number. Hee hee...

2) Take me to the ballet and I am your best friend.

3) I am the oldest. Therefore bossy and opinionated.

4) Don't EVER ask me a question until an hour after I have woken up. You will not get an answer and if you do, you won't be happy with it.

5) I use my lips in a super pucker to plug my nose underwater and if you ever see me... well I hope you are good at laughing hard underwater.

Five Things On Your Desk Right Now

1) A bottle of Aquafina.

2) Chapstick.

3) Vaseline Intensive Care Hand Lotion.

4) Vitamin C.

5) my Keys with my Mahattan keychain and little clinique notebook attached.

Five Things You Say The Most

1) "Oh my GOSH!"

2) "NERD-ALERT" Dave hates that. Just say it out loud though... it is fun.

3) "That is SO CUTE!"

4) "Dave, did you fart?"

5) "No, I am Canadian."

Top Five Things You Do Not Understand About Your Own Sex

1) Why Feminine products cost like 10 bucks! It is only glorified toilet paper.

2) Vagisil commercials.

3) (whining) "No, I am not happy" and then in the same sentence "but I love him."

4) Going braless???

5) How they survive longer than the first week they learn how to drive.

Top Five Things You Don't Understand About The Opposite

1) Why they feel the need to watch every tiny blip of football that comes across the tv, even if they have never even heard of that team before.

2) Testosterone.

3) Why a little bit of hair in the shower drain makes them mad enough to spit.

4) Procrastination things to the very list second.

5) Why they hate old movies so much.