Gingerly Lizzy

2001-12-06 - 4:15 p.m.

Woo woo! It is almost 5!

Okay, so I am addicted to Felicity. I LOVE that show. And it is set in NYC, which is cool because I am always like "ooh that is..." "I have eaten there!" Dave likes it too and along with Friends, those are the only shows that we agree on.

Anyway, last night when we were in the Felicity "zone", there was a scene in which I could totally relate to.

The one where Felicity meets up with Ben... and then his date.

Oh that happened to me with an X and I remember exactly how it felt. I cried for like two weeks at the thought that he was moving on. At least Bens date was uglier than Felicity. I couldn't say the same there since my x practically showed up with CHRISTY TURLINGTON! AGHDGDOPR~!

And then the scene where Ben calls, and Felicity hesitates in calling him back... oh that show is just TOO real for comfort.

That is why I like it so much. But if Noel goes on the drugs... oooo I will be pissed.

Anyway, tonight Dave and I are off to Salt Lake to see the MOTAB Christmas concert. That should be fun, I love Salt Lake. It reminds me just a teenie, weenie bit of being back in NYC... *sigh*

One day...