Gingerly Lizzy

2001-12-10 - 2:31 p.m.

As of tomorrow, I am going on a diet and fishing my gym pass out, dusting it off and am going to put it to use!

Last night, I was working on a scrapbook that I am putting together and David was looking at the pictures and made this comment while looking at a picture of the two of us about a month after we started dating...

"Look at you hottie! Look how skinny you are!"

I can take a hint. It isn't like I have ballooned off but I do look so much better with that 10-15lbs off.

So tomorrow it begins. This will be good because I will be spending less time baking- Dave is going to have to live with it.

The only problem is I love to do it.

Oh well... It is time.

The weekend was boring and uneventful. I ate a ton. That is about it.

Oh, and Dave and I got in a big fight over something that I don't even remember and he slept on the couch until 5am... and then I came and got him.

We made up.

That is always fun.

Anway, not much to say today. I am feeling BLAH. Can't wait for Christmas to be here and I wish it would snow some more. I want to go boarding!


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