Gingerly Lizzy

What's in YOUR purse?
2001-12-12 - 2:19 p.m.

What is in my purse:

Tan colored, American Eagle, courdoroy wallet,


birth control and thyroid pills,

midol (neccessary, believe me!)

various receipts, a to do list


portable brush,


silver Tiffany's bracelet (the only piece I own from Tiffany's),

Stila pocket palette (lipgloss) quad no.1,

Benefit gloss tube,

a little pot of clinique anti-gravity firming eye lift cream,

a portable tube of clinique happy body smoother,

chapstick (cherry),

a nail file,

L'oreal colour riche lipstick in maple, revlon lipstick in temptress,

small phone/ address book,

lock for my gym locker and batteries for my walkman.

my purse itself is a light kaki colored american eagle purse with a brown nylon strap.

I hope everyone goes to town analyzing me on this.

Me analyzing myself:


I am vain and spend wayyy too much time adjusting my lipstick.


I hate bare lips. They get dry, I lick them a lot and they get chapped.

Impression: I work out frequently

Reality: Yeah right.

Impression: I like to get things done, I don't like to procrastinate.

Reality: I have to write everything down or I will forget.

Impression. I have expensive tastes with my jewelery and lipgloss choices...

Reality: The bracelet was a gift. I certainly cannot afford to shop at TIFFANY's for heavens sake. I lived in NY, I love Sephora. So sue me.

Impression: I am afraid of getting old

Reality: This is a little true but not why I carry that Clinique Anti whatever stuff around, it was a free gift with my lipliner.

Impression: I need birth control... for what?

Reality: Yup, married, and just don't want any little surprises as of yet.

Impression: I hate spending money on expensive accessories.

Reality: true, true. If you shop around, you kind find cute stuff for cheap!

Well, as you can tell, I was bored at work. Or more like bored of doing work.

Is anyone even reading this? If so, GUESTBOOK, GUESTBOOK, GUESTBOOK... leave me a christmas present!

Hint, hint.

Tell me what is in your purse, let me analyze you and lets see how close I come to the truth... taking offense not allowed!


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