Gingerly Lizzy

2001-12-13 - 9:01 a.m.


Felicity was good last night. I just wish that she and Ben would get back together already dang it! But next weeks episode looks hopeful.

So Dave was kind of upset last night and this because I told him that if we were on elimidate together I probably wouldn't have picked him.

*sigh* I hate petty fights.

Actuallly, I had named 3 other guys and Dave and he asked which one I think I would have chosen... ummmm if you didn't want a truthful answer, why ask the question?

I said Chris. And I explained that this would be for no other reason than the fact that the stupid elimidate show is not about FIRST DATES, it is about FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

What is a first impression? Most definitely 9 out of 10 times it has nothing to do with what that person is really like, and I don't care if someone leaves a message in my guestbook saying, "I am always myself, I am not going to change to impress anyone else"

Gimme a break. Maybe you are yourself but are you not YOUR BEST SELF? and your best self isn't always the self that is most frequently around.

It takes time, seeing someone in different situations, and some conversation to really get to know someone. Blind date barely allows the datee time to blink straight at anyone. Especially since every competitor is COMPETING and throwing themselves at their date.

SO anyways, it wasn't a fair question for the answer he wanted to hear.

Dave is WAYYY competitive, and I would probably have gone for the least competitive person, the one that I could connect with in less than 5 words. Not the one that would REALLY be the best for me (Dave)

I tried to explain this to him but to no avail... ahhhh, he got over it later...

trust me on that one!


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