Gingerly Lizzy

French fries, french mustard, french phen phen?
2001-12-14 - 8:55 a.m.

So last night was my work Christmas party. We went to a french restaurant up in Salt Lake called Le Rendezvous... very classy.

I can really appreciate the french lauguage after studying it my whole life and living in Quebec but I have a harder time with the food.

The way the french eat is great. They take all night, bit by bit. It is an event. I like that dinner is an event because I think food is wonderful, I love to cook myself.

But the food itself is a WHOLE nother story.

First came the little pieces of toast with patte. Okay, that was like eating cat food on toast, with tiny pickles.

Not a good experience.

The devilled eggs on toast weren't too bad.

I didn't go NEAR the escargot. No thank you. I might as well go chew on a tire.

The bacon wrapped prunes were a different story. You think about the two in a combination and you think- DISGUSTING. But actually, surprisingly it was kind of good. bacon really brought out the flavours and vice versa. But the whole time you eating it, you are still thinking about what you are eating. Your mind is screaming "SPIT IT OUT! YOU CAN'T COMBINE THESE TWO THINGS, IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT, SPIT IT OUT" so it is hard to ignore your mind and just enjoy.

The main course for me was Halibut. It was the fishiest Halibut I have ever had but it was the most fishiest thing that I have ever ENJOYED. It was great with a cream sauce and pine nuts.

Dave had the Filet de Mignon. One of my personal favorites and it was one good cut of meat.

The portions were small so I didn't feel guilty after the meal and all the veggies were steamed without oil.

For dessert there was creme du menthe which is like a type of syrup that flavors water. There are a lot of different kinds and I have never cared for it much. I am not a Koolaid fan either.

I had a itty, bitty piece of carmalized apple tart and dave had a truffle like, almond flavored chocolate cake that was so rich, one bite would suffice.

Then came the creme frais (or fresh) It tastes like a cross between a sweeter sour cream and a very bitter cheese but it has a light whipped texture. I don't care for it much but it isn't too bad with fruit, you would eat it much as you would yogourt or use it in baking or as you would sour cream.

All in all, the food was... expensive, and besides the apple tart I wasn't all that impressed.

But the company was great.

I have to admire the french portion sizes though, small. The way it should be.

Dave and I got to talking on the way home about how huge the portions are anywhere you eat here that does not cost over $40 a plate.

Seriously, think about it. When is the last time you finished EVERYTHING on your plate when you have gone out to eat. Then Dave said that he was watching some show about how Americans are getting even fatter.

I did not think this was possible. I mean, the US is the most obese country in THE WORLD. That is pretty gross. And why? well because we have so much of everything so I guess it is a sign of abundance but it isn't good when we are killing ourselves.

But it is funny, when we go out to eat don't most of us usually eat until... well it hurts? Until we are so full we have to undo a button on our pants? Maybe that is just Dave and I... and all of our friends and family...

There are a few things I think we could learn from the french.

They are a pretty healty bunch of people who don't have a lot of weight problems....