Gingerly Lizzy

Sweet Dream?
2001-12-20 - 8:30 a.m.

So wasn't Felicity THE BEST last night? Yeah, I thought so too... it gave me the warm fuzzies. mmmmmmmmmm...

Did I ever mention that I have the best husband on the planet? I do? Everyday? Oh well, add this one to the list.

Last night we both felt like soup for dinner so I went to work on the cream of carrot soup and made a MONGO mess in the kitchen. Seriously, it looked like a baby had thrown up Gerber in there.

It was good soup but I got hit with a major headache and so my sweetheart of a husband cleaned all of it up. In fact, now that I think of it, this past week he has been doing a lot of that (and he should since I cook, but still, I usually clean up the bigger parts of the mess since I tend to make more than necessary...)

SO it was early to bed for me. Where I had one of the most horrendous dreams I have had in awhile.

I dreamt that we had been married one week and he made out with some girl and lied to me about it and then I found out and kicked him out of the house.

I can remember feeling so torn because I still loved him so much and wanted him to stay but at the same time, I was so angry and hurt that I couldn't stand the sight of him. I called him in the dream and he had gone pretty far away and a girl answered the phone... so that is about when I woke up sobbing and wanted to beat the crap out of my peacefully sleeping husband for cheating on me... but that wouldn't have been very kosher so I did the next best thing.

I woke him up a 6 am to vent. And he did a pretty good job of consolling me.

My dreams always have quite a way of warping me. I mean, they are so realistic that when I wake up I am not exactly sure that it didn't happen.

Do you ever have that kind of dream about someone where they did something terrible to you so when you see them, there is still that trace of hatred or hurt left in you?

I hate that. Kind of wrecks my day.

Two more days of work until Christmas holiday begins and let me tell you... I coulndn't be more excited.


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