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Merry Christmas and don't throw up.
2001-12-21 - 9:13 a.m.

It is Friday, I am happy, (pause)happy, happy...

happy, happy...

Okay, that would be a lot funnier if you could actually hear me singing it. Long Weekend, Christmas, WHOOOOOPPPPPEEEEE!

So my company is giving us the option of 401K. Sounds good, they are matching 100% but still, like Dave and I really make that much anyway, and I don't plan on working here all that much longer since I will be returning to school, any advice from the financially stable out there?

Last night was bad and good. It was Daddy-in laws Birthday and so we all headed to McGraths fishouse where I proceeded to order the Halibut Fish and Chips yummy...

We got him some expensive goggles for when he takes the snowmobiles out (how come we haven't been on them yet this year!)

He liked them. Dave got him a crass card without thinking that HELLOOOO I was going to have to put my name on it too!

It shows this guys in the shower on the front, you can see the top of his hair sticking out and it is grey, there is a dialogue bubble over his head where he is exclaiming "HEY!"

you open it up and it says something along the effect of "When you get old, the discovery is made that not only the hair on your head goes through changes"

I am his daughter in LAW. Heaven forbid he think I picked out the card. Leave it to Dave to not be able to pick out a suitable birthday card on his own. He was laughing while I sat down and MADE my own card.

His dad got a laugh out of the two cards though and my story telling of the whole situation.

Happy birthday.

Yeah until that night when I got violently ill and lurched all of my guts into the toilet (sorry about the graphic description but you need it for the empathy factor).

I tried some of Dave's crab, I think I am allergic.

I am better today. And this is probably the last entry I will write until after the holidays so please,

Everyone be safe, drink lots of nog, do something nice for someone else, pray and GET EVERYTHING YOU ASKED FOR, or find your "Santa" and give him a bloody lip.

Just kidding. That was kind of greedy.

Just don't light yourself on fire.

Dizzy Lizzy

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