Gingerly Lizzy

Very merry indeed
2001-12-26 - 9:19 a.m.

What a wonderful Christmas it was!

Dave and I saw Lord of the Rings this past weekend, wow that was the best movie I have seen this year by far. Can't wait to see #2!

Christmas Eve was spent finishing up the shopping, housecleaning, me frantically trying to finish baking the sweet potato souffle and pineapple cake before we headed to the cabin.

The cabin was a blast. We had to ride the snowmobiles up there while the truck followed with all of our gear... the roads were just too icy.

Once there we enjoyed a big Christmas dinner, games, family and friends. The cabin is really- no cabin. Huge and beautiful, a great place to spend the holidays.

That night I experienced a bout of homesickness that caused me to sit up and bed and ball my eyes out. Dave was very understanding and held me. It was nice.

The next day we took the snowmobiles out for awhile. That was fun although I have a sore neck and shoulders today from the jerking around.

Dave was pretty excited because he conquered Devils mountain, while I watched in horror thinking that any minute I was going to be made a widow.

Then it was home for Christmas dinner and opening presents with Dave's family.

I have to be the luckiest girl alive because I have the greatest in-laws. Seriously- Three cute sisters, all around my age who I get along with perfectly, one younger brother who always makes things entertaining... like last night watching the girls try and open their presents after he had duck taped everyone of them shut because they had "bugged him" earlier on in the week. It was pretty funny.

The best part was when Dave's dad told me that they loved me when we were hugging our goodbyes. It was a perfect ending to the night.

Dave and I headed home to exchange our gifts,

He got me a cute striped shirt from Banana, a beautiful silver necklace, a wayyy cute pink long sleeved Hurley shirt, a nice maroon sweater from JCrew (that I picked out!), a jewelery box, a new black leather wallet and a pair of silk pj's from Victoria S.

I am a happy camper! I spoiled him with a new shirt and tie, Chrome cologne set, necklace from A.E. and a way eclectic mens silver bracelet. A fleece shirt, The new usher CD that he wanted, and an Emerican Crew Hair Product and cologne set.

We also exchanged stockings filled with tons of little things and that was fun.

The night ended by turning out all the lights to admire the Christmas tree, and discussing the real meaning behind it all... Christ.

We each made a promise of how we would try and better ourselves this year as a gift to him.

Then we turned out the lights...

It was almost perfect.

Back to work today, I think the U.S. should really take some tips from Canada and the U.K. and hold the 26th as Boxing Day (the holiday) too...

Work is dead, I am dead tired, but happy.

Andrea is flying in today and Dave and I are planning a fun filled Friday of snowboarding with her and her fiancee.... Can't wait to see that girl, she is one of my best friends from CT and we get along like no other.

It is a great week...

*insert sigh of contentment here...*

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