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Happy New Year!
2002-01-02 - 9:18 a.m.


what an awesome weekend. And it seemed pretty long too... which makes today the most horrible "Monday" ever.

Friday snowboarding: Went pretty well. Except for the fact that maybe I had gotten like two hours of sleep in the past 48 hrs and so my body wasn't really up for it. Especially since I haven't been since last March. My first run was... painful. Second and third, I got the hang of it again but by then I was so tired that I had to wipeout every two minutes just to rest. I love Brighton though... and the night boarding.

Dave got pretty impatient with me though so I told him to go on with the guys for awhile and meet me back at the lodge after I had thawed out (it was dang cold!) and rested up... 45 minutes later after 2 runs he comes to get me and he was in trouble! I almost left without him and had to contend with a bunch of highschool guys who were trying to hit on me.

Dave mad up for it by keeping me toasty in the chairlift! *smile*

Saturday we went to the BYU basketball game. Courtside tickets like 7 rows up from the bench, courtesy of Logan.

Great game. We won... yeah!

Andrea and Joe came to visit that night. Andrea is as beautiful as ever and she had a pretty ring on... Yeah for her!

Joe was so serious though... hardly spoke two words. We went for ice cream even though is was like ten below and a blizzard had hit. Andrea and I both agreed that there is always a time for ice cream. They headed back early and I was sad... I love that girl. She is a "kindred spirit" as Ann Shirley would have put it.

Sunday was great because I got an attitude adjustment. Our lesson in church was on the first year of marriage and so alot of the women were sharing things that they found helpful. I heard the best thing...

That is give 60% expect %40. If you give 60%, go the extra mile, instead of expecting it to be 50/50, he will as well and you will meet in the middle.

It works... so far at least. Things have been better. (Not that they were bad!)

Saturday Dave went to work. I went to the salon, got two inches chopped off and highlights. Bad highlights. My regular hairdresser left to another salon so I went with the suggested. BAD IDEA. Dave says it looks good though and I now that I am way overly critical when it comes to my hair so I will take his word for it.

Ran errands all afternoon and went to do laundry and watch the BYU game at the in laws. BYU played like garbage. That is okay. I don't care about football anyway. Too slow. Give me a hockey game any day eh!

That night Andrea and Joe came back up and we went to dinner at Octavio's were Dave and I proceeded to get looked up and down dirtily by a snotty little wench for no apparent reason...

*note*- Don't laugh in someone elses direction, this will make them want to hit you.

I think she wanted Dave. There is nothing worse than some little snot trying to make eyes at YOUR HUSBAND! I mean really, what do they think they are going to accomplish. Provo/ Orem is full of these little hooches- GET YOUR OWN!

Anyway, as you can tell- sore spot- sorry for the ranting.

Dinner was good but it was obvious that Andrea was not herself. A girl talk in the bathroom revealed that she was scared that Joe is having second thoughts. I reassured her that it is normal, I thought the same thing and not to worry about it until there is actually a problem. I hated being engaged. I was wayyyyy too emotional!

Jamie and Matt joined up and we headed to Center street for the First Night festivities. Besides the obnoxious little teen-adults jumping around and screaming in everyones ear causing temporary deafness.

But it was fun. The fireworks were beautiful, they even dropped a ball, there were a lot of people and we were all getting wet, but it was the good kind of wet, from big beautiful white snowflakes. Dave and I held each other as we started the first, new and complete year with each other, and I looked up at the sky and thanked God for him. For his tender ways with me. His sense of humour, his love, loyalty and devotion.

For being so cute that all the dang girls check him out- grrrrrr

It was so much fun. On the way back, Joe and Dave decided to have a sliding competition on the blocked off road and Dave fell on his butt. It was soooo funny Andrea and I almost peed our pants.

I love our friends!

Tuesday Dave and I woke up really, really late and took down all the Christmas stuff. Our front room seems so big and bare now! We met up with Matt and Jamie and went and saw the Majestic. I loved it. Made me cry. I would have loved it even more if we didn't have to sit in the very front row and experience Vertigo the whole time.

We went to dinner at Ricardo's afterwards and the whole night was free since Matt's bro works at the theatre and Daves parents own Ricardos.

Free is good!

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. Dave was so warm and snuggly... *sigh*

The worst part about holidays is that they end. Abruptly.

At least the sun is out for a bit...

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