Gingerly Lizzy

2002-01-04 - 8:34 a.m.

Well, Friday has come upon us once again. Dave starts school today. I am jealous.

And no girls from Utah Valley Highschool better try to lay their paws on my hus otherwise some extensions and silicone are going to fly.

As you can see, the little green monster is taking over my body.

Last night we watched one of the worst movies I have ever seen- Summer catch with Jessica Biel and Freddy Prince Jr.

The peanut butter twix ice cream and apple turnovers helped to make it interesting though.

As I was looking over my apartment, I came to the realization that is looks so BARE and BORING without the Christmas DECO. It is badly in need of a makeover. I can't wait until I have an apartment that I can actually PAINT. That makes all the difference and I will NOT choose stark white for the walls.

If anyone has any decorating ideas that are not TOO crafty, let me know. I have to do something soon.

So last night I had a crazy dream. A friend and I were in NY and went into nine west, but it was this dark little basement of a Nine West and it was a mess and shoes were everywhere. So I took off mine to try some on and when I went to put my shoes back on, one of them was gone! We looked everywhere but it wasn't there! So I told the salesgirl that since they lost my shoe, and the place was such a mess, they needed to get me some new shoes for free to wear home. They wouldn't so I almost got in a fight and just took some anyway. For some reason I went back the next day and there was some naked people sitting on the floor painting each other as part of the display (really wouldn't be surprised to find that in NYC!)

and I ran out really fast because David was waiting and I knew he would get mad and think I was checking out the naked guys...

Weird huh? Yeah I am wondering too...

I actually think I might know where the last part stemmed from. When Dave came to visit me in NY, we were in the city shopping in SOHO in the Roots store. They had, as part of their display, a guy model laying in a bed naked with a pink, cloud print, comforter covering the "important parts".

I thought this whole thing was hilarious because these girls were surrounding the bed trying to pick up on him. I mean, gimme a break, demoralizing enough right?

Anyway, After I had bought a wayyyy cute dark denim jacket to keep me warm in the sudden cold rain, Dave and I left and he was acting weird. I finally got it out of him that he was mad because he thought I was checking out the guy in the bed the whole time we were in the store! I balked at this because first of all, the guy was okay but not quite as hot as Dave, and secondly, I wasn't! At all! I was noticing the girls and checking the whole situation out but I was NOT checking out the scrawny chicken-legged boy in the bed.


So I was mad and we both ended up scowling halfway down broadway.

As you can see, Dave and I both get jealous pretty easily, something that I think will cause a few tiffs to come.

Anyway, Yes, I know that story didn't have a point but It needed telling.

Happy Weekend!

Can anyone tell me how I can just have one word in the entry that links to the site?