Gingerly Lizzy

Hump Day-
2002-01-09 - 1:35 p.m.


I am tired and my legs are sore because I went to the gym yesterday. I had a minor catastrophe there when we were ready to leave and I couldn't remember the combination on my BRAND NEW LOCK... so I tried like 200 of them and stood there for an hour and finally got it right. GEEEEEZZZZZ

Dave and I kept it healthy by eating a DiGiorno pizza for dinner (yeah!!! can you hear the thunder? It is coming from my thighs!)

My bestest bud Alyssa otherwise known as allybaba just opened a diary so everyone go and read it and leave nice notes in her guestbook. She is a super kool girl who I miss very, very much. oh and she so pretty tooo.... ahhhhh... and I did her layout, I am finally learning some HTML!!!

Bad things about today:

I am tired- went to bed to late, got up too early.

I had to type like 20 resumes this morning... grrrr

I ate a big old steak and cheese sandwhich for lunch (FAAAATTTTT)

the cute sweater I am wearing somehow shrunk because the sleeves are too short and I keep having to pull them down- I hate that!

Good things about today:

I had a steak and cheese sandwich for lunch- that was really yummy- and my BOSS paid for it

I like my pants - yeah I know, I am streching it here but...

My legs hurt which means I had a really good workout yesterday.

I got the most darlingest email from my sister in law asking my advice (which I ALWAYS love to give) and she told me I was the best...

Big Al joined diaryland!

No zits for me... woo hoo.

I am starting to understand HTML...

STARTING is the key word.

Well, folks hope you all have a happy hump day. No katie, that ISN'T what it means you little perv...

Wednesday is halfway so wednesday is hump day!

love yah all! ooooh and quick question to whoever knows (twiggle?) how do I add a link to a specific word in the entry itself?

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