Gingerly Lizzy

2002-01-11 - 9:09 a.m.

Good Friday Everyone!

Tonight Dave and I have a big date. Not so much with each other...

We set up Dave's cousin with one of our good (and very single) friends.

Cross your fingers and hope it is a match! I can't say for sure on this one though as I don't know either of them very well...

But I do have a marriage under my belt in the way of matchmaking so you can start singing the song from Fiddler on the Roof now... "matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match!

Find me a find, catch me a catch!"

Okay, that is enough of that. Anyway, we are going for pizza (yum!) and then Johnny B's comedy club tonight so that should be fun.

Last night I hit my funk/ hip hop class. It just about killed me. This was because I decided just to go to the gym from work, for an hour or so before the class and hang out until the class started because work is definately closer than home. WELL, we all know that you can't just go -HANG OUT- at the gym. So I ended up running, and walking, and doing a million crunches, and lunges, and arms and legs and you get the point. So by the time my class rolled around, I had about all the excersize I could take for like a WEEK! I still really wanted to dance so I went and it was a ton of fun but I almost dropped dead halfway through the class from cardiac arrest.

I think I will do the same thing next week... NOT!

So, in trying to learn HTML, I guess I unknowingly "stole" someones HTML to do that Liv Tyler layout.

My thoughts on the whole thing were that designers didn't INVENT HTML so a code such as valign or tr, td ... blah, blah, blah, were really not owned by any one person (Understandably a whole chain of codes is though...) I found out that is not true so I am starting from scratch.

Okay, yeah I am being a little sarcastic here but I felt liked I worked DANG HARD on that HTML- I mean it took me long enough. I guess not hard enough though. So... the moral of the story is, I am going to go learn me some HTML from scratch (even though I am not as smart as TWIGGLE (and she called me silly pants... AGAIN!)

and no more layouts until... well probably never because trying to learn them from a book/ internet sites is just not working for me... sigh... I guess this must be one of the right brain lobe activities... or is it left? I don't know... coding just doesn't fall under the creative side. The outcome does of course, but not the coding itself.

Anyway, second moral of the story is that some people need to learn to be a little more friendly in how they address others on these matters and not so accusatory.

There I said it. It is finished. No need to leave snide remarks in my guestbook either...

Back to the fun stuff...

"Fun? Is that how you would describe your diary liz? My, my, that is being a little optimistic isn't it!"

Oh, shut up.

Anyone see the blond pigtailed freak on Elimidate last night. Yes, I am ashamed to admit I watch that show...

But wow! Did that guy ever make a big mistake! The totally cute girl who didn't sell out in the kiss department and read poetry like a pro would have made a MUCH better girl-companion then the catty, redheaded pixie.

Well, hope you all have a great weekend and make sure to check out my cous's site!

The music is gooooooood! Thanks for your support Lyss!

OH, and one last thing... I want to thank Twiggle again for helping me out when I do doltish things...

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