Gingerly Lizzy

Fuzzy Cyst
2002-01-18 - 11:06 a.m.

So the doctor just called and I guess the radiologist thinks it is a cyst that is growing from my left ovary. But it is a rare kind... it has weird stuff growing in it which I am not EVEN going to get into.

They are scheduling me for a CAT scan. Then we decide if they need to go in and take it out. I HOPE so, I don't want some freakish thing growing in me! It grosses me out!

Anyway, other than that, it has been a good day so far. It is Friday. I love FRIDAYS! And I found out that we get presidents day off so YEAHHHHH!!!

My hip hock class kicked my tush last night. Soooo fun, but I am feeling a little sore today. I also went grocery shopping because we are having dinner with some married friends of ours; Rashelle and Josh. Can you tell that I like to entertain!

Ranch Chicken, mashed potatoes, a vegetable I haven't decided on yet, rolls and homemade doughnuts for dessert! Rashelle is bringing the salad.

I cleaned the bathroom last night using some super strong lysol with bleach cleaner and I swear I am still smelling bleach this morning! My throat still burns! Stay away from that stuff! It will kill you!

And... for the grand finally, we are having a snowstorm. Yeah! This means it is going to take me another hour to get home from work today!

That is okay, I am having a steak and cheese sandwhich from the Italian place for lunch.

Ask me what that has to do with anything and I couldn't tell you. I just really like them.

Have a good weekend leave me some notes!

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