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Doughnuts and Ceri
2002-01-21 - 9:05 a.m.

Well it is Monday once again. Yes I know this is always the way that I start out my diaries on Monday but...

I hate Monday's.

The weekend was good. Dave and I had lots of fun.

We played Rummy with some friends, that is a fun game! I think I like it so much because I am good at it, I one both rounds!

We watched The Glass House... great movie. Kept me on the edge on my seat.

We ate: ranch chicken (yum), homemade doughnuts, frosted peanut butter bars, enchiladas, pizza from the pizza factory...

Okay, want to know the quickest, easiest way to make homemade yummy doughnuts? (I stole this from Daves mom...)

You need:

-Can of Crisco or shortening,

-package of pilsbury or some kind of biscuits... (you know, the kind that come in a can, the buttermilk ones work great)

-powdered sugar/ confectioners sugar

-paper bag-you can use plastic but be careful the doughnuts don't touch the sides or it will melt the bag...

Melt a big chunk of the crisco in a deep frying pan. Take biscuits apart and punch a little hole in the center of each one. A water bottle top works great for that... fry each side in the oil until brown (they brown pretty quickly... you might like yours crispy so fry them longer)

then put them right away in a paper bag full of the powdered sugar and shake like crazy and voila! I always do the doughnut holes too. You could also mix cinnamon with the sugar, or glaze them...

also, you could wrap the biscuit dough around an oreo cookie and then fry them... then sugar them... YUM!

You will HAVE to try it. So easy, so fun. So fattening!

So this week Ceri is coming from Scottland. I can't wait to see her! She is a girl that I met in CT. She is also one of my bestest buddies. The 23rd is the big day. She is a loud, stylish, friendly, outgoing, brilliant girl with flaming red hair, an incredible talent with languages, and an amazing amount of faith. In fact, this week she will be starting the beginning of her mission to Romania. I love her to death.

Well, that is all my pretty's. Hope you have a great Monday! I am sure as heck going to try!

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