Gingerly Lizzy

2002-01-22 - 8:46 a.m.


Last night was fun... Dave and I got a discount at the mall, got me a nice new sports bra for the gym (and yes, I always wear a tank over it!), watched Alien (sccccaaaarrrryyy!) and ate tacos and a whole plate of doughnuts that I made between the two of us. Okay, they are small but still, I am SUCH a pig. I swear, if my weight reflected the amount of trash I manage to eat I would be about 700 lbs.

So, for the rest of this week, I am committing myself to eat less crap. Baby steps, baby steps. I know there is a six pack after the amount of crunches I have been doing at the gym, I just have to find the dang things.

Dave is such a hottie, seriously. It makes me mad though because whenever we go anywhere, girls check him out. Regardless of the ring. I am a baby that way.

Tonight we have our institute class and hopefully we can actually GO this time. Weather permitting.

Ceri comes tomorrow! YEAH!!! She left last night and left a funny message on my machine. Can't WAIT to see her.

So, I got reminded of a funny story about bad roomates. I had this roomate once, she had a cat. We lived in duplex so it was easier for her to get away with it but we ALL HATED THAT CAT.

Trust me when I say it was the SPAWN OF SATAN. I am about to describe why and there isn't the least bit of exaggeration here at all...

The cat would pounce on us at any given moment. Loved to do this while we were all watching a movie in the dark. It would jump on your face, claws full force. I got so many scatches from the dumb thing people would think I was a cutter. And not to mention the last thing you want while you are watching Poltergeist (sp?) is some cat jumping out from behind the couch at your face.

It also knew how to turn off lights. We would be sitting, eating dinner and the *BAM*, lights out. It would jump at the switch and got it every time.

This cat liked to go psycho at night. It would race across the floor every two seconds (probably chasing the mice that my roomate attracted in the first place) and since my room was right below the kitchen, it would sound like a heard of elephants decided to do tea... ALL NIGHT. I would try to lock it in the upstairs bathroom, but ohhhhh, don't you worry about animal cruelty, the stupid thing knew how to open the door! The handles were the long skinny kind that you turn...

This cat just wasn't natural. To be fair, it was pretty... white with long soft fur; WHICH GOT ON EVERYTHING. Blue eyes, but they were crossed which made the cat look stupid. But that was just a cover.

My other roomates and I tried everything to get the darn thing out. WE would ACCIDENTALLY leave the door open HOPING it would decide to go for a walk and never come back. Sometimes we would throw it out the door. And yes, I know how MEAN this was but we told her on many occasions that there were no pets allowed and we didn't want it there, and she didn't care.

The funniest thing was when our dishwasher got broken and they took it out to repair it. There were two live wires sticking out that used to provide electricity to the dishwasher. My one roomie decided that she had enough one day so she took the protectors of the ends of the wires and dipped them in... TUNA! Hoping the cat would come a long and take a big lick and *BOOOYAH* no more kitty.

It didn't work but I almost peed my pants laughing so hard at her creativity.

The worst part is, her boyfriend was almost as bad as the cat. And he was around just as often and made the same noises during the night... ug.

Finally she moved out. We realized that we should have just squealed on her. I mean, it isn't like we liked her in the first place.

The cats name was Zeus. Fitting, don't you think?

Glad I have such a fun, considerate, roomate with benefits now!

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