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Tickets to the Opening!!!
2002-01-28 - 8:54 a.m.

Another Day, another dollar,

vacation soon or I will holler...

So, it was a dang good weekend. Why you ask? Well, Friday night Dave and I went to Papa Lee's Island Grill where the waitress knocked everything but Dave's entry off our bill because she supposedly took too long. Personally, I didnt' even notice.

We then rented "The Emporer's New Groove" because it is hilarious and Dave has never seen it before. So we watched it all while eating Nerds... my favorite candy. This was not a good idea for two reasons; the first being that it is hard to hear the movie through all that crunching, and I also must have forgot about my little "habit". This being that everytime I am eating a box of nerds, at one point or another, I accidentally leave one side of the box open and forget and then try to dump them in my mouth from the other side, thus sending a shower of nerds all over me, the car, the floor, the couch etc.

So, there I was on my knees trying to find these teeny little candies, in the dark, (so as not to disturb Dave's movie watching enjoyment), that had distributed themselves in a shower all over my living room.

I ate them anyways.

That night I got a call from a teary eyed friend from home... her parents have been fighting and she needed to vent. It was great to talk to her and it always amazes me that even though we live three thousand miles apart and only talk once every couple months, we still communicate like we live across the street and see each other every day.

I guess I was so lucky to have found the friends in highschool that I had. I still keep in touch with a lot of them and I still feel so close to them even though it has been almost four years and our lives seem to have changed so much. We were such a tight knit group that even though outer forces sure tried, due to the envy of our closeness, we managed to hang on and be there for each other through it all. Ally, Mel, Tina, Mich, (and those who I don't see very often) I love you guys, I miss US. I miss hanging out on the "girl grill", skipping school to go to the "beach", our always eventful parties and "sleepovers", and just plain being with you!

Well, now that that is said... back to the weekend...

Saturday, Dave left me early to go to work. I hate him working on Saturday mornings, we don't get to sleep in together and snuggle.

Then I got a call from one of my mostest favoritest peoples Ally and I was reminded of just how much I love that girl...

I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, went grocery shopping and ran a bunch of errands and then I came home and died my hair light golden brown.

This was a big risk. I used to do it all the time by myself until once after I had gotten highlights professionally, I tried again and totally turned my hair into a mess of green... after four hours and two hundred dollars, it was dark auburn...

But this time it turned out pretty good. I like it, I just have to get used to it. My natural haircolor is this ugly dirty blonde color and I haven't seen it since 10th grade. I usually have blonde highlights but I am sick of paying so much to have a crappy job done so no more...

I am brunette once again! Saturday night, Dave and I headed up to Salt Lake to see Bree and her fiancee to be... Nice guy. I approve. I just hope they make it to the alter. I think Bree is having a hard time with the "one guy" concept. WE ate at the Pie on the U of U campus. I love that place, totally reminds me of NY.

Then the guys managed to convince us to go and see BlackHawk Down. I don't know why I ever agreed to go after hearing the many warnings from various friends but lets just say I spent most of the movie cringing and being bored from having to stare at my lap the whoe time. It was WAY too bloody and I don't care if it was real war, it was too much for me. I am definitely NOT a fan of extreme violence. Bree had almost the same reaction so I didn't feel like too much of a wuss and I could tell it was almost too much for Dave because he kept wispering that he was sorry to me. He owes me BIGTIME. Like 10 chick flicks in a ROW! So, that means he has to go with me to see I am Sam next weekend!

Sunday it was church and then Dave headed off to his parents house while I stayed home to read and pay some bills. I have finished three books in the last week. Dave's jaw was hanging open after the second one. I love the shock factor!

Last night when Dave came home he had a box all wrapped up in Valentines Day paper. I knew it was a shoebox so I thought that it was the baby blue striped addidas sneakers that I have wanted forever. He said I guessed right and I might as well open it now. So I did, we both laughed when I opened a shoebox only to find a coupld magazines and a belated wedding gift certificate someone had sent. Personally, I was glad because I wasn't planning on spending quite that much for Valentines Day! But lo and behold, underneath the mags came the REAL SURPRISE!!!


I screamed at the top of my lungs like three times. I wanted those tickets SOOOOO bad! And he managed somehow (I swear it was a miracle) to buy them off his little brother who was going to sell them on EBay for $400, for $35!!!

Oh my gosh, I am gonna see Dave Matthews at the Opening Ceremony!!! I know you are sooo jealous!

That explains why Dave has been playing it all week! I love my husband, he is seriously the best!

The ache has gotten a lot worse. It kept me up pretty late last night. Dave was a sweetie and rubbed my back for me to try and take my mind off of it. I can't wait until they rip this thing out of me.

So much to look forward to: Opening ceremonies, Valentines Day, Presidents Day off!, our trip home in March, I can't wait!

I have a feeling this will be a great year!


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