Gingerly Lizzy

Short Skirts
2002-01-29 - 9:31 a.m.

Well, nothing much to write about today. Dave and I made some yummy oatmeal cookies last night and set our computer up. We still don't have anything to put it on yet though so it is just sitting on the floor and no modem as well... oh well, it will do for Dave's papers.

I had some pretty disturbing dreams last night but one of them was pretty funny!

My sister katie and I were working at some indoor Olympic venues but they were at the airport???? Our job was to show foreigners around and for some reason we were wearing stiletto heels and really short, short skirtls. We looked really good though and I know this because every man in the place was oggling and trying to pick us up. I remember that the floors were really slippery though and I kept falling flat on my face because of the heels and everyone was getting a good laugh. Anyway, we had to show these two super skinny guys the ski wear dept (don't ask me!)and at first it seemed like they were trying to pick us up but them one of them said,

"It's funny but I have never seen two BIGGER girls dressed in such small underwear and short skirts"

It really hurt my feelings because they were looking at us all disgusted. Katie and I were like; "what?" "bigger?" "we are not bigger. Maybe compared to you two sticks..."

After those guys said that Katie and I really wanted to go home and change... then I woke up.

I have no idea what that dream meant. Anyone want to interpret?

The last two nights I have been waking up in cold sweats and I have NO IDEA WHY. It is so weird. I am not even sick.

And Auntie Flo is late. She is always wacky anyway so I am not too worried or anything. It sometimes seems as if the pills have made me more irregular than regular!

Well, hope everyone has a good day! I can tell this is going to be a LONGGGGGGGG one.

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