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Institute, chocolate, road rage
2002-01-30 - 9:05 a.m.


Auntie flo has come to visit. Blegghhhh... She bugs me.

So last night my institute class was AMAZING... as usual. Dave and I love it but it makes us feel old because it is looking like we are the ONLY married students in there... And the teacher talks about "when you get married... blah, blah" and Dave and I just give each other a look and then look around at all the poor unfortunate souls... Although I am sure they won't be unfortunate for long since they are all living in the "Happy Valley of Looooooovvvveeee!"

I wouldn't be single again for anything!

I went and got chocolates for Dave from Mrs. Cavanaughs yesterday on my lunch break, I also got a few for myself because I have been good. (Hey any excuse right?)They are better than any chocolates EVER! Even better than Godiva- BY FAR.

I also stopped by and got the Martha Stewart Valentines Issue and let me ask:

Is there anything that woman CANNOT do?

Seriously. I want to be her one day. But of course look and sound like me.

I want to try making those paper valentines but I think it would probably take me forever and since I only have very limited amounts of time when Dave isn't around, I will have to pay a visit to Hallmark.

I also realized that I have a CARD FETISH. I am not even exagerating in the LEAST here. I go into Hallmark for an innocent birthday card and end up spending $30 on cards that were just too cute to pass up. And it takes me an hour every time, just to pick out the right card. At least I am always prepared. I think that would be such a fun job, to work for Hallmark. Maybe one day I will look into it.

I know this is probably one of the most random entries but oh well, I am in a goofy sort of mood. SOOOOO, in that light, I am going to give myself a home-made quiz. I made it up so feel free to steal it and use it in your own diary. I think it will really help people to get to know the secret side of you.

1.When no one is around, what is one thing you love to do?

ooooh, this is easy. I like to pretend that I am a rock star. I turn up some favorite chick music really loud and sing in front of the mirror complete with dancemoves and a hairbursh microphone. I do that a lot less though, now that I am married and alone a lot less. Dave would NEVER stop making fun of me.

2.What is one thing that makes you uncontrollably furious even though you know it shouldn't?

Pretty much EVERYTHING when I am driving. I have severe road rage. It doesn't help that I live among some of the worst drivers EVER!!! Utahn's (even though I love em') are even worse than New Yorkers under the circumstances, if you can believe that!

Also, when I am watching a sad movie and crying and someone laughs at me because of it.

Ooooh... and frost on my windshield in the morning.

What is one fashion you think NEVER should have been invented?

One? Just one? Tapered Pants, Brown polyester, off the shoulder tops and dresses, "Dirty" jeans- this one really gets me, I mean WHY would you want to purposely look like you haven't done laundry in two months?

Well, that is all I can come up with right now. I think I will pose a new question everyday and you can have fun answering it in my guestbook...

Lets go with the first question for today... what is YOUR favorite thing to do along behind closed doors? And lets keep it clean folks...

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