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Ferdy and Beech
2002-02-04 - 9:09 a.m.

So, here is the deal. I have TWO cysts. Dermoid cysts which I found out aren't actually cysts but in reality, tumors. Yeah. Benign tumors though, and it shouldn't affect my fertility in the least.

So one on each ovary. 6.5 cm and 8.5 cm so they are pretty big suckers. And now I need to see a specialist and then get the removed ASAP because if they burst, I am in biggggg trouble.

And last night I couldn't sleep. I am nervous. I have never had any problems like this before and the only surgery I have had was getting a few stiches once and getting my wisdom teeth out.

Dave is such a darlin. I woke him up last night at 4 am to tell him that I was worried and couldn't sleep. So instead of saying "it will be fine" and rolling over to go back to sleep like most guys, he held me and peppered my face with kisses.

I scored so big when I met him.

So the surgery will be scheduled as soon as the OBGYN takes a look at the scans.

Until then, I am naming them. Ferdy (on the left) and Beech (on the right).

Yeah, I know, I am nuts.

The weekend was good other than that though.

I cut Daves hair yesterday at an all time record shortness. It looks so cute though, like he is getting ready for the marines. It will grow like crazy anyway so the cute ultra short hair will be short lived and his beloved spikes will be back.

I saw one of the best movies EVER! The Count of Monte Christo (sp?) It was sooooo gooooood! I highly recomend it and for once a good movie has a happy ending.

We also watched Joe Dirt and I must say, even though I think my IQ dropped a coulple points, I found it pretty funny.

happy monday!

yeah... right.

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