Gingerly Lizzy

Rice Krispie treat for meeee!!!
2002-02-07 - 8:58 a.m.

Today I have my appointment with the specialist and I hope, schedule my surgery to get these things out of me!

Dave gets to spend the day snowboarding... while I get to spend the day at this computer, at this desk, in this office...:{ No fair!

My sister sent me two mix CD's that she made for me and THEY ROCK!!! THANKS KATIE!

They gave me some really good laughs... lovin the "Uncle Toms Diner" and Milli Vanilli!

Did I ever tell all of you that I have the greatest sister EVER???? No? well I do. But she is a bum and won't start a diary. She says she doesn't have enough exciting stuff to write about... and I do?

Anyway, Dave Matthews is two days away and I am SOOOO PUMPED! Dave, Logan and I are going to head up super early to get a good spot. That means we will be hanging out there for like four hours but it is so worth it! I just hope it isn't as cold as if was the other night, I don't want anymore frostbite on these cheeks!

Yeah, I know this is a totall boring entry but I am not in a huge writing mood today.

I made a new layout for Babala yesterday. Everyone go and check it out and I also made a new one for my design site.

HTML is funnnnnnn!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! I have a rice krispie treat in my bag for lunch so I know it will be a good day for me!!! WANNA SEE SOME COOL WEDDING PICS? JUST GO HERE


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