Gingerly Lizzy

Freaking out.
2002-02-08 - 8:27 a.m.

Wow am I ever tired.

and naive. This is the last entry I am going to write about the surgery before the actual surgery because I am sick of thinking about it.

I forgot to mention that the specialist mentioned that the op that they were most likely going to preform would be almost identical to a C-section.

So last night I was talking with my mom and mentioned that would mean i would have to miss a week of work... until she said "ummm Liz, when I has a C-section, I was out of commission for almost a month. They told me I wasn't even allowed to drive"

Ummmmmm... help!

That means:

a: My stomach crunches will be neglected for like EVER and I will end up looking like Barney-freakin-Rubble...

b: OUCH!

c: Since I am basically bringing home the bacon right now while Dave is in school, this means no bacon, chicken, rice kripy treats, ramen, whatever... gahhhhh!

d: I don't do very well with bed rest. I get so BORED! I am too figity!

The good thing about this is:

a: I will be able to catch up on all my daytime t.v.! (Wait, I never watched it in the first place!)

b: I am going to definitely lose a few pounds! YEAHHHHH!

c: I will be able to read all those books I have been longing to!

d: It gives me an excuse to buy some magazines!

Always look on the brite side of things right?

Last night I got like two hours of sleep because I just couldn't get this stuff off my mind.

When I did fall asleep I had a dream that I had a HUGE nasty, centipede looking scar on my belly

- WARNING- it gets really weird right here-

And I went into the bathroom and saw something in the garbage out of the corner of my eye. It was huge pink spider legs sticking out from a keenex. Someone had obviously squashed the spider and put it into the garbage. Then I realized that the legs sticking out looked EXACTLY like part of my scar, and when I looked at it again, there was a spider sown into it...

Yeah freaky eh? I guess that I have to dream about STINKIN spiders every single night. I just found it's little way in that one...

So, it lieu of the fact that I have been talking about this forever and, dwelling on it, and the few of the diaryland readers who actually take the time to read this are probably rolling their eyes and saying "enough already Liz" I am going to vent for one more paragraph and that is all you will here until the surgery.


That is all.

The Olympics are here. It is fun seeing so many out of towners enjoying (maybe not) our little town. It is exciting. But is is so darn grey today that there isn't much to see.

No pretty mountains.

Dave had fun snowboarding yesterday. He really hurt his little tushy though. It was all red from a really hard fall he took. So I rubbed it for him. YUM!

He has a great butt. I am sure you all wanted to know that...

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