Gingerly Lizzy

2002-02-12 - 10:48 a.m.

Well I did yet another layout. I am slowly but surely getting better. Go see bigglasses diary (i hate this diary today, for some reason I can't link it... it is listed in my profile) and tell me what you think. There is one glitch I am having though, that is that there looks to be a really thin weird kind of border around the image of David Bowie. When you pass over the links it seems to disappear. So weird! If anyone has any idea why it does that, please let me know.

Last night Dave and I went and saw the World of Ice Display in Provo. The ice sculptures were pretty cool but all in all it was pretty disppointing. We then headed to our favorite restaurant (Ricardo's) for some free dinner. YUM.

Then it was home to watch some Olympics and man, now I wish I never would have.

Watching the pairs figure skating and the total unfair call by the judges. Those two Canadian skaters had that one in the bag. It was a PERFECT program. And yet, the Russians won- even though she struggled to make every landing and he messed up his axle and almost fell. Can someone explain this to me? No, that is because there is no explaination. The judges must have been anti-Canadian or something...

I don't care if the program was more technical- they messed up all the technical moves so that cancels that out and the Canadians had a MUCH more interesting program- ug. I could scream I was so mad.

Controversial? Darn right. I understand that the russian female skater had a big accident and made an amazing recovery but I thought the Olympics were all about WHO WAS THE BEST... not who deserves the sympathetic gold medal.


Sorry, really needed to vent.

Oh, and if any of you happen to red Michime's diary(I am not even going to link it) then just let me explain...

when we were in ninth grade, all the girls were hanging out at Mich's for a sleepover... I must have had too much soda but all I know is that I lauged way to hard and yes- peed my pants.

What can I say. I had poor bladder control under the influence of extremely funny situations. I am sure most of you have done it before... right? Please tell me you have...

It is just the once... *sheepish shrug*

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