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Valentines Day!
2002-02-14 - 8:41 a.m.


Well, how does the new layout rate? I just wanted something a little softer... and I did a new cute one for my design site so go check it out at the link to your left...

The one day I write Dave a nice long email and he doesn't even check his email! HAHAHA! And he doesn't have school until Friday so I am just going to print it out and put it in his valentines day card.

So last night, well actually around 5am this morning he wakes me up by getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and when he comes back, I realize I am smelling gas.

Me:"Ummm... do you smell gas?"


Me:"Well I do..."

D:"Did you turn the stove off?"

I go and check and there it is on low. Cripes. I am trying to kill us both in our sleep but then I remember that he had clean up duty last night and took the pan of meat off the stove (we had tacos). I have done it before, But this WAS NOT my fault. So I tell him this after opening the windows and getting back into bed... That is so I don't get the "lecture" again, at 5am.

SO yeah, our apartment? It is tiny. Really tiny. Like three little rooms (not counting the bathroom) in the exact shape of a rectangle. Very poor ventilation. I am surprised the little place didn't blow up.

While after that I just couldn't get back to sleep for the life of me. Now I am tired.

And today is Valentines Day. And Dave and I are doing... NOTHING. This is because we cannot afford to spend ONE DIME in case I end up in the hospital for a few days after the surgery. I have medical insurance so that isn't the problem. The problem is that I will be missing work for maybe two or three weeks and THAT hurts the wallet. Not to mention that we are taking a week off in March to go home to visit my family & friends in Ontario.

That is okay, homeade decorations, some candy and then we will make our own fun! :) :) :)

Love doesn't come in ribbons and bows and nice paper and doesn't come from a lot of money. It comes from actions, and words and feelings that can't be bought. Even if you are reading this and you dont have a sweetie to celebrate with, love doesn't have to be about that. It is all around us, between friends, and families, and sometimes between perfect strangers helping each other out. Today is a celebration of that love, love in general and ANYONE, ANYWHERE can celebrate that.

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