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My Awesome Valentines Day
2002-02-15 - 11:25 a.m.

Wow, what a night last night was. I had a beautiful valentines day... *sigh*

Daves sister came to my work yesterday afternoon and delivered flowers and balloons from Dave. What a darlin.

I rushed home from work and decorated the kitchen... red paper lace hearts all over the wall, white tablecloth with foil hearts and candy spread all over it. Candles...

Then in the living room I laid out a soft blanket and threw every pillow we owned onto it, put more candles around the room, picked three romantic CDs:

Retro Night Romance compilation

Elton John Love Songs

George Michael love songs (yeah I was in the mood)

Got out our little game that I bought, massage oils etc. and then started running a hot bubble bath.

I then called around to try and order a pizza and see if they could make it in the shape of a heart. Finally after like seven places I got one that said they would do it. GEEEEEEZZZZZ! I didn't know that it would be such a hard thing to make!

I got all cute and took the email that I had written to Dave, (read it a few entries back), made a scroll and taped it to the front door for him to find as soon as he got home.

He was pretty surprised and we had a wonderful evening which I am not going to get into. It was about 9:30 pm when we decided to go get some dessert at frontier pies. I burned my tongue really bad on the hot chocolate I ordered so every bite of the hot apple pie I had was agony. I gave it to Dave.

We headed home after that and went to bed... we were pretty tired after all the excitement... *wink*, *wink*.

He gave me the most beautiful card too...

I am still reeling today... how I love him.

This might be the last time I update for awhile as we don't have internet access at home yet (no modem, no $$$!)

and I might be bedridden for awhile. I will have Katie my sis, update for me and give you all the lowdown. Thanks to all of those who left comforting notes in my guestbook... or emailed me. It helps a ton to have such great friends!

Until recovery, I hope you all have a wonderful week full of health, happiness and most of all... love.

I am just such a cheeseball... somebody shoot me!

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