Gingerly Lizzy

Hip Hip Horray Liz is Okay!!!
2002-02-19 - 9:58 p.m.


Hello fellow libbyo diary readers. This is Liz's sister Katie writing to tell you that Liz's operation went okay!!!!! They got the cysts removed without having to take any part of her ovaries out. Thank goodness for that!! I guess the cysts were larger than they thought thought so they had to do a c-section type surgery! That's the sucky part but as long as Liz is okay along with those ovaries of hers that awesome news! The doctor said though that there is a chance that they could come back so that's not good but I'm sure they'll keep her under surveillance!! hee hee

Anyways, just thought I would let you guys know that she has survived! I'm sure she is just feeling fine and dandy with her morphine drip right now too!!! Just imagine all those weird dreams she's having about spiders and such!!!!P>

Anyways, I'll keep ya posted if I hear anything else.

Bye for now


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