Gingerly Lizzy

On the mend
2002-03-02 - 2:15 p.m.

Did I ever mention that I have the greatest friends? Yes? Well I do... just for the record once again... I love you guys.

Today I drove my car. For the first time in two weeks. Freedom! Yesss....

And Dave and I went and saw a movie last night... I was a little sore after sitting for so long but I am definitely a ton better and hoping to go back to work at least part time next week. I see the doctor probably this monday. The incision still hasn't closed all the way... and still hurts but I have been able to go all day without taking a painkiller (yeah me!)

I was seriously in the deepest, darkest depression this past week. All I could do was lay there and cry. I was so sick of the tiny apartment, about being dizzy just because I stood up, not being able to sleep at night... And dang it, this hole in my stomach is just taking too long to heal. I think I really worried Dave. It was so good to get out last night and today I am determined to get out some more.

Hopefully by the end of next week I will be back to updating on a regular basis... can't wait.

And then... sweet Canada. I am just afraid that once I get home, I may never want to come back here. I love it but I guess it just hits really hard that I may not every live there again. We will see... We will try and romance Dave with Toronto won't we? Oh yes we shall...


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