Gingerly Lizzy

Snuggly Sunday
2002-03-11 - 9:05 a.m.

Katie I love you... you are the best. Thanks for making me cry...

If anyone wants to know what I am talking about, just back up one to hear my cutest sister rant and rave about how cool I am!

Well, the weekend was pretty uneventful for the most part. Friday night Dave and I didn't do much, Just stayed in and watched t.v. Saturday I slept in really late, had an awesome phone conversation with Katie (I love that girl) and then we went grocery shopping. I love easter. Why? Well because of those yummy cadbury eggs of course, you know... the ones that look like they have real yolks in them? I remember when I was younger, the insides used to be a lot softer and more drippy... they were better then.

Saturday night we met Jamie and Matt and Rod and his wife Jen. This is the first time that Dave and I have ever hung out with them. Rod plays football for BYU. His wife is from Canada and super cute. We all headed to the dollar movies to watch Kate and Leopold which I LOVED! Yes- I am into cheesy chick flicks.

Then on to Applebees for food and good times and then back to Rod and Jen's super cute little apartment to pick up a microwave.

Yes- they gave us a microwave. I guess they had an extra one so now Dave and I are the proud owners of a microwave! Yeah Baby! No more having to melt butter on the stove! I wish I just had somewhere to put it. Currently it is sitting on our floor. We will have to get a little stand this week. I don't have any counter top room as it is!

But, back to their apartment, Jen is like Martha Stuart or something... I was so jealous. Made me extremely unthankful for our little apartment which in comparison is ghetto. They have been married for two years though so that gives Dave and I hope. Plus he plays football for BYU and she works full time so there is some money coming in there. I decorated our little bathroom last night and it actually looks pretty good- SEE! I CAN DECORATE! Dave likes it too so I guessed it passed the test.

Yesterday we went to church with Matt and Jamie and I am not going to complain but lets just say that more people talked to us at their ward in the first day than we have had talk to us in 6 months! Ugggg... gotta move.

Dave and I had the best snuggle fest ever! Seriously, it was the most wonderful feeling, snuggled in tons of blankets and pillows, nose to nose with my sweetie. I love that he is such a snugglebum. He could definitely be the mascot for snuggle fabric softener. He is SOOOO much more snuggly than the bear! And that set him off so for the rest of the day I was being smothered in kisses and whatnot... fun.

I also watched the two hour special on 9/11 and cried throughout most of it. It was crazy seeing it all like that... all the streets looked familiar and yet when it all happened, not...

I don't know if Dave and I will go to see the area when we go next fall... I don't want to be depressed for our one year anniversary.

Dave and his dad went and towed the car last night, to the shop right near his parents restaurant. Dad W. knows the owner so that means that they won't B.S. me about what is wrong with the car. I hate mechanics... it is almsot impossible to find one that is honest. They are going to look at it today and call Dave's cell when they know what the damage is...if it is too much, Dave and I will probably just sell it and get another car. A cheap, used one of course. Ack. The thought of stretching out the car payments to five more years instead of having Daves paid off in like 2-3 drives me nuts. Oh well... what can we do.

Two more weeks until Canada... 11 days to be exact. I wish it was the 23rd already. I can't wait. I am impatient.

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