Gingerly Lizzy

2002-03-12 - 9:38 a.m.

Hello, hello- happy tuesday to you, happy tuesday to yoooooouuuuuuu!

Okay, as you can tell, I have very little to write today. Why? Well... because I lead a boring life. So random facts that no one care about is the topic of today's entry.

My car is going to cost like $400 to fix. Bleghhhh...

I am wearing spandexy type cotton stretch pants to work today. That is a HUGE fashion faux pas but I still can't wear regular pants because the waistlines all hit my incision. At least these have a bit of a flare at the bottom so I don't look TOTALLY like I am heading for the gym (or trapped in the 80's). At least these aren't lime green- I owned a pair of lime green spandex pants in gradeschool. I used to wear them to school too. What WAS I thinking! I also owned a pair of acid wash jeans with neon paint splatters all over them, and I teased my bangs up at some point... ahhhh... back to the 80's.

I need to throw my friend Elissa a baby shower but I have NO MONEY!

I love the chicken salad that they sell in that one little shop in New Canaan, CT. It had grapes or cranberries or maybe cran-grapes in it. It was nectar of the God's.

I am hungry and all I have is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, grapes, an orange and a yogourt (breakfast included).

I love those keebler fudge grasshopper cookies. I wonder why they call the grasshoppers...

My sisters boobs are a lot bigger than mine. Even though she is younger. This makes me jealous of her. I love my sister.

Random facts about my friends:

Alyssa has the best sense of style both in decorating and dressing. She is my style guru. There is a german girl who once wanted to be exactly like her, in fact, a lot of foreign girls seem to want to be exactly like her. This is because she is SO COOL!

I heard through the grapevine that Michelle got something(s) pierced... is this true? She has really naturally curly hair.... it is pretty. She is a funny, funny girl.

Melissa used to figure skate. I remember one day at her house we tried on her skating dresses... I think one of the boys did too but I can't remember. She had a budweiser bikini. She has the body of a supermodel. The little turd... One day at a party at her house, I accidently smashed a china siamese cat that she had... but we won't go into details there...

I don't have anything against siamese cats mind you.

Dave hates body hair. He shaves his chest but I complain because then it gets picky. He also plucks every hair from his feet. He thinks it is fun to pluck hair and he can't stand hair on his feet. He does it on the couch and this drives me nuts.

I give him all his haircuts. I am gooood!

Well, I am sure you all feel so much more enlightened now. I know I do.

I am a strange, strange, sad little girl...


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