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Happy Purse Day!
2002-03-15 - 9:01 a.m.

F-F-F-FRIDAY! 7 More days!

Now that I got the daily countdown out of the way...

Yesterday work was boring, boring, boring.

Today I have a doctors appointment at 3pm so that at least cuts it down by a couple hours.

Hopefully he will look at the healing incision and say all is well. It sure is ugly though... but we won't go there.

Last night I made dinner for Dave. Spaghetti. It seems like I always make spaghetti on Thursdays. It felt good though because the house was clean and dinner on the stove... things are getting back to normal. I made cornbread to to with it although I am perfectly aware that it doesn't exactly "go with it".

Then we headed to the mall to exchange a cute shirt that Dave bought me for a bigger size and get a nice smelly candle for the apartment. I got SO grumpy. I think it is because of my lack of shopping. When I was single, it seems as though I almost always had a little bit of extra money to spend. Maybe it is because I didn't need a couch or pots and pans or SURGERY BILLS PAID OFF... but still, I thouroughly enjoy shopping and now I feel guilty if I spend any money and FORGET about buying more than one thing at a time! Unheard of! I guess I bring a bit of this on myself. I am the one who took over all the finances and I am the one who freaked out when Dave spend $30.00 on protein shake powder to help him build "Bigga moosles"...

So last night I saw this really cute purse in AE that I want. I knew this was a delicate situation because:

a) My recent freak out...

b) I have two million purses in my closet already

c) I have been complaining about our lack of money lately...

d) Dave just bought me a shirt so I had already used up my two-months ration.

I had to scheme, and scheme I did. I NEED this purse, it is SO cute... I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

SO, I turned to the ever blessed Holiday manoever this morning.

Me:"David? Honey?" (softly in his ear, hoping he wouldn't wake up but just mumble yes in his sleep and then all would be legal...)

Me:"Easter is coming soon... and welll, can I maybe get my easter present a little early?"

David:"Ugghsbleggg... what? Easter? hmmm?"

Me:In my sweetest voice possible,

"Yeah sweetie pie, easter. Remember that super cute purse that we saw in AE last night? I would be sooo much cuter with that purse and it was calling my name, it wanted us to be its home... I will love you forever if I can have that purse now as my easter present, and then you can pick out what present you want for easter too!" (oh how manipulative am I!)

Dave:"Since when do people give presents for easter?"

Mind you he is still half asleep, face half buried in his pillow, hair awry. He is so smart, even when he is sleeping... DANG IT!

Me:(Mock Surprise) "Some people give presents, didn't you ever get presents for easter?"

Dave: "We got Easter baskets... that is different..."

Me: "The Overlander's gave presents..."

*Background- the Overlander's are an extremely rich family that I worked as a nanny for in CT for a year... we are talking mega bucks.

Dave: "The Overlander's are up there with Bill Gates... they can afford to buy car's for easter..."

Me: (OH great, this isn't working... when in doubt... beg) "Please honey, plllleeeeaaassseee??? I really, really want this..."

Dave: "OOOOkay... fine."

YESSSSS! Victory is mine! I knew what did it, it was the old "you can get something too routine."

"Why didn't you just go get it and then hide it in the closet awhile and wait until he noticed?"

BECAUSE, that would have been dishonest and not very fair. Trust me, I was tempted but that isn't the way I want to run our marriage.

So, today, I will get to go and get my much coveted AE purse and for that, today should be a holiday!

LIZ'z Special purse day!

Happy Purse Day!


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