Gingerly Lizzy

Hello from the Frozen Land!
2002-03-27 - 9:10 a.m.


Well I am enjoying my stay in Canada. My family rocks and we are having a ton of fun. I think Dave is too! BUT the one really sucky part is that it has decided to SNOW for most of the time we are out here. Keep in mind that it hardly snowed ALL WINTER and was like 30 on the coldest given days... ARGGGGG... Debating whether or not to take the trip to Toronto today, Dave really wants to go but I would rather just stay here and enjoy my family.

Gripe- I have designed two layouts for people who didn't even bother to say one thank you... GRRRR... they are both under 18 so it makes me totally agree with Twiggles concept of only doing them for over 18...What, no manners for youngsters nowadays? Anway, hope everyone in D-Land is peachy!



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