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Mountain Grandeur
2002-04-02 - 8:46 a.m.

Well, well, well... Diaryland is offering SuperGold now... so that is like Platinum Status??? Hmmmm... don't know if I will be shelling out for that one but I might need to just to host all the images for layouts I have been doing.

Last night was fun. Dave and I went for a hike up Rock Canyon in the good old mountains of Utah. I decided that I wanted to get some excersize and since it was beautiful, sunny and 70 degrees, it would have been a shame to go to the gym.

We walked up quite awhile. I was looking for this spot that I really wanted to show Dave. It was a climbing spot that I had been to before but to get to it, you have to climb a bit and then you come to this little area that almost looks like a cave with a soft, sooty, dirt floor. There is a big fir tree growing right in the center of it. It is almost magical and one of those spots that as a kid, I would have played in forever.

It has been about 2 years or so since I have been there so I didn't quite remember where it was. At one point, I thought I found it so Dave and I hiked up this really steep and rocky hill to get the the rock outcrop above. It wasn't the spot but the view was amazing nonetheless. The sun was setting and hit the rocky mountains turning them to gold and made all the trees take on a feathery look.

Getting up was fun but scary. I have found that I am a lot more timid then I was a couple of years ago. I would have climbed that thing without a second thought but now I had butterflies in my stomach and even had to sit down a few times because I was shaking so much.

Well, everyone knows that climbing up is easy, but getting down is a different story altogether.

It looked SO much more steep then it had before. It also didn't help that it is harder to distinguish loose rock from embedded rock when you are going down because you are going down feet first instead of hands first.

There was a ton of loose rock and leaves to add to the slippery factor. Dave was so funny and worried and protective... so cute.

After inching most of the way down on my butt, I encountered a really loose patch that send me "rock surfing" and I managed to grab onto a tree to stop my rapid descent. In the process, I launched a nice big fat sliver under my fingernail. My finger is hurts like the dickens today and I can't even see the sliver to get it out... when I said launched, I meant LAUNCHED!

All in all, it was awesome and I would do it again. We are planning to hike Mount Timpanogos this summer. That means some training for me because that is a rough hike... all day. The view is supposed to be amazing though.

I love Utah's nature. It is amazing to think I live so close that we can just take a drive and in minutes be surrounded by mountain grandeur.

I think my friends from Windsor really need to come visit *hint, hint*.

I am going to have a millino resumes to do at work today which means I am ending this email right... now.

Abrupt enough for yah?

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