Gingerly Lizzy

Conference Weekend
2002-04-08 - 9:15 a.m.

It is freeeeeezing cold in this office right now. I think the heat is going on for a sec... yup, definitely.

The boss is gone for the day. Doesn't really matter though, we get along perfectly fine anyway but it is still kind of nice to have to office to myself.

The weekend was good. Friday night Dave and I had chinese (yum...) and went and saw Panic Room. Ahhhh, such a great movie. I just about clawed David's arm off though.

Saturday and Sunday were conference which I always enjoy. I also did a little cooking on Saturday which Jim and him new girl came over for. Attended Elisa's baby shower. I made a basket full of the newborn neccesities. She looks so cute with her protruding little tummy. I am glad that she and Ryan live so close by because this means lots of baby time for me! It also made me extremely baby hungry. Dave just laughed at this when I told him. Can't wait until it is our turn.

All in all it was restful, renewing and enlightening and I am in much better spirits today!

Dave is so cute. I am so lucky. Whenever I am leaving the house, one goodbye kiss never suffices. He always asks for two-three-four... and wimpers like a puppy if he doesn't get them. Oh if only his friends could see "mr cool" at those moments.

My little sis Katie opened a diary at last! We will see how often she updates it... Go visit her HERE and leave her lots of nice notes.

Still no word on the apartment in the in-laws basement yet. Dave and I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday and saw this enchanting old house on center street that is renting out apartments. I think we might go check it out.

There are a lot of dumpy little apartments in the area though. We lucked out. Even though are's is so small it is in excellent condition and extremely well kept and clean.

There is a HUGE bag of grapes sitting on my desk. I love grapes. There are also two mounds- mmmmmm... chocolate... I think it is time for a break...

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